Mettler-Toledo launches AXR X-ray system in China

The Mettler Toledo Safeline AXR X-ray system is now available in China and is designed to achieve very fast start-ups and product changeovers in food and pharmaceuticals production.

Online PR News – 03-November-2010 – – He X-ray system can automate the identification and rejection of contaminants at production-line rates of more than 500 packs per minute.

It is said to guarantee speed, hygiene and cost effectiveness, as well as comply with the latest Chinese food safety laws.

X-ray inspection systems offer optimised detection in high-speed applications.

X-ray inspection, such as the AXR system, helps manufacturers to avoid risks such as contamination, and offers a total and efficient inspection across the entire production line.

The systems can inspect single and multi-lane applications at high speed at the same time, without compromising detection sensitivity.

It can also perform multiple inspection tasks simultaneously - such as contamination detection and mass measurement.

Installations such as the Glasschek X-ray, for example, used by the Zhangzhou Gang Chang Can Food Company, can remove glass, stone, metal and high-density plastic contaminants, while simultaneously checking the fill level of the jar and ensuring that the closure is in place.

This saves on costs and reduces waste.

If contaminated, food and pharmaceutical products pose a genuine high risk to consumers. Such risks provoke justified concern and require serious legislation for quality and safety control.

Rigorous product inspection is therefore necessary.

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