dilitronics presents LED driver innovations at electronica 2010

LED specialist at world-leading trade fair Jena, 1 November 2010 - Jena-based dilitronics GmbH is taking part in electronica in Munich, the world-leading trade fair for the electronics industry. ...

Online PR News – 03-November-2010 – – Jena, 1 November 2010 - Jena-based dilitronics GmbH is taking part in electronica in Munich, the world-leading trade fair for the electronics industry. Between 9 and 12 November, the LED control experts will be presenting themselves to international experts and showcasing their highly innovative portfolio of LED control-related services. The highlights of the show presentation will be the DIL16CL01 driver chip, specially developed for LED applications, the SparkLED16 driver, the PowerLED designed for industrial applications, and the new version of the ESoLUX 2.0 solar LED controller.

"We have recently expanded our sales team in order to be able to tap into new international markets and grow the business in the future," explains Stephan Schulz, Founder and Managing Director of dilitronics GmbH. "Against this backdrop, electronica provides the perfect opportunity to get into contact with new customers and maintain existing customer relationships."

The highlight on the stand will be the ASIC DIL16CL01. The driver chip, which dilitronics launched in April 2010, is the first controller which allows the light intensity of up to 16 LED channels to be controlled individually in real time. This minimises problematic LED characteristics such as temperature-dependence and ageing. Schulz: "Because it measures just a few square millimetres, the ASIC allows LED lighting systems to be used even in places where there is not much space available." As well as use in automotive electronics, it could also be used for innovative interior design ideas or display back-lighting.

With the new version of the ESoLUX and the SparkLED16, dilitronics will also be presenting two technically revolutionary LED drivers based on the ASIC that lead the international market within their application sectors.

Schulz explains the ESoLUX 2.0 solar LED controller: "For the first time ever, a driver concept includes all electronic control elements: MPPT solar battery charge controller, LED driver and intelligent light management, thus permanently ensuring environmentally friendly operation of the 80W class of independent LED lighting systems." The driver also provides permanent energy balancing and a prognosis of the remaining capacity, thus enabling reliable operation of energy self-sufficient LED lighting. The SparkLED16 LED driver, on the other hand, is used in complex, multi-colour interior lighting systems. Its 16 independently controllable LED channels can provide the widest range of different lighting functions in buildings and offices, providing lighting designers, architects and building managers with a simple but effective interior design tool using a single, intelligent light controller.

Compared with LED concepts for interior and exterior lighting, industrial applications place special demands on LED lighting. Schulz: "Lighting tasks based on LEDs can be found in quality assurance in many sectors of industry. Whether in optical measurement or surface inspection: Lighting solutions in these types of applications demand an extremely high and extremely constant light intensity over a long period of time." To fulfil these requirements, with the PowerLED for example, dilitronics offers an LED controller which has an extremely high efficiency factor despite its total output of 330W, and which can be integrated with minimum space requirements into existing systems.
About dilitronics:
dilitronics GmbH was founded in Jena, Germany in spring 2008. The company develops innovative driver components for triggering high brightness LEDs. In the business areas LED driver ASICs, LED driver modules and Engineering Services dilitronics GmbH acts as a fully integrated development partner and OEM supplier on the side of its customers. The development of electronic, optical and mechanical components based on the dilitronics controLED technology ensures a very short time to market for the customer"s application. For more information please look at: www.dilitronics.com or http://tower-pr.com/en/dilitronics
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