Trophykart Extends its Catalogue with Designer Photo Mugs

Trophykart is an online portal selling innovative gift items and creative photo mug is one of them.

Online PR News – 07-October-2016 – Bangalore – There are a lot of occasions when an individual wants to capture the beautiful memories of life in one way or the other. Some choose to click the photos and convert the negative into a big photo frame, some prefer to click it using a mobile and preserve the photo in it as a memory whereas some prefer to post their memories on social media and refer back to the photos whenever required. Apart from the adage option for preserving the important memories of life, there is a new trend in the market to preserve the memory on a photo mug.

In order to preserve the memories on a photo mug, has a huge catalog of designs and styles from which the person can choose one that suits the occasion and the type of memory he or she wants to capture on the photo mug. The website has seen a boost in the demand for such a type of personalized photo mug. Customers feel that memories present on the photo mugs, get cherished every time the person takes a sip of coffee or tea from the mug. It appears to him or her that the occasion never happened in the past as it always remains in front of the eyes especially during the tea time.

In order to go around getting photo mugs online created for yourself, fetch out a good quality high pixel photo from your camera. Then log in to the portal and create your login credentials. Thereafter you would get an access to the huge catalog of mugs available online. Select the type of mug that suits your need and attach the image that you want to appear on the mug. Sit back and relax. The creative team at would adjust the image on the mug in the best possible manner. If required, the creative team can share the final draft design with you over the email before crafting the mug. You can either go with the surprise image adjustments on the mug as shared with you by the creative team via the email or you can get it modified according to your artistic skills.

Once you are done with finalizing the draft design, the mug is crafted. Since trophykart has a tie-up with one of the best logistics partners in India, therefore you can expect the before time arrival of your photo mug at your place. Although, there are a lot of offline shops that have started making photo mugs however they are not competitive enough to match the quality and the price of the mug, as presented by It gets orders from all over India and processing the orders in bulk makes the process a whole lot competitive and economical. Therefore it offers one of the lowest prices in the market.

So, the next time when you plan to preserve your memory, simply log in to and book a photo mug for yourself.