Unique and special product launched for the Muslim community to do Salah in very comfortable way

Rienic Prayer has launched prayer mat for Muslim community to do Salah

Online PR News – 07-October-2016 – Birmingham, UK – Understanding the importance of peace and relaxation while doing Salah, Rienic Prayer has offered the Muslim community with the memory foam prayer mats to do their prayers. Built with the good quality memory foam and designed with the unique Islamic designs, these special mats will let the Muslims rejoice their prayers with better concentration and peace of mind.

The owner of the company said that the idea of making these bands came to their mind when she and her husband went for Hajj to the Holy Kabba. As Hajj is the most auspicious moment for every Muslim, they were interested in getting connected to the Allah. But, the uncomfortable traditional prayer mats did not let them do the prayer comfortably and peacefully due to the body aches. Then they got the idea of manufacturing the memory foam prayer mats and the end products are just amazing.

Memory foam used in these mats is high in energy absorbency and returns to its original shape once the pressure is removed. The 2 mm thickness of the mats lets the users feel comfortable and keep the distractions (like body aches and pain) at bay. Also, the Islamic designs drawn on these mats provides the therapeutic value to the users and let them get connected with the God deeply. The newly launched prayer mats are available in three different colors- Red, Blue and Coffee, and are reasonably priced. All these features make it a perfect item that every Muslim will love and go for whole-heartedly.