BioGanix Releases Signature Weight loss Supplement SynerLean X6 on Amazon

Leading health & fitness supplements company, BioGanix, has just launched their new product, SynerLean X6, which consists of science-backed ingredients to speed

Online PR News – 07-October-2016 – Houston, TX – Amazon Carb Blockers Top Seller BioGanix has recently released their new signature product SynerLean X6 on Amazon. Backed by natural clinically proven ingredients, the supplement promises to speed up weight loss like no other, and has already earned a stellar rating of 4.5 stars from its happy users.

With so many weight loss supplements out there and millions of people failing miserably in their attempts to lose weight, BioGanix made it a goal to formulate an all natural weight loss product that would make the difference. Thus, they spent countless hours conducting and gathering studies, research and data about natural and safe ingredients that yield the best weight loss results

They did not stop there though. Once they gathered enough information about each separate ingredient, they combined different fat burner formulas to see which ingredients would work in synergy with one another for quick fat loss results.

After careful examination of all their findings, the unique formula was born: SynerLean-X6.

Speaking on the secret of SynerLean X6, the BioGanix spokesperson talked about the presence of 6 powerful ingredients.

The most important ingredients of the product are:

Green Tea Extract - It has proven to have great fat burner properties and reduces carbohydrates absorption by thirty percent.

5-HTP - It has proven to be a great appetite suppressant that decreases food intake and simultaneously amps up fat loss. It is a great mood enhancer as well.

Forskolin – Studies have shown this ingredient may enhance lean muscle mass while reducing fat mass.

Green Coffee Bean Extract and other strong proprietary ingredients combined make a powerful metabolism igniter which enhances fat breakdown, thermogenesis, fat burning, and decreases carbohydrates absorption.

SynerLean X6 contains all of the above ingredients and the company spokesperson mentioned the reason of this specific formula: “Each of the 6 ingredients has a specific weight loss benefit and work in synergy with each other”.

SynerLean X6 is being launched with a special introductory discount of 50% off for a limited time.

“We are excited to announce that we have just launched our signature all natural weight loss product SynerLean X6 on Amazon to help you with your health and fitness goals. Each capsule has 6 natural science-backed ingredients which work in smooth synergy to speed up the fat loss process in your body. Yes, there are loads of weight loss products in the market, but what separates our product from the regular stuff is that we have clinical evidence supporting it; and our proprietary formula has been developed in collaboration with doctors, scientists & expert supplement formulators. Obesity is an alarming issue in the USA today and we believe this is the perfect time to release our unique product.” – stated a leading spokesperson from BioGanix.

SynerLean X6 has been making waves over Amazon and customer reviews are already available on their marketplace.

“I have just used it for 7 days and I have already lost 2 lbs!!” – says Ryan Suzanne who seems to be happy with the results.

“It works and I am going to buy it again”, Rebecca Haines Loer was another happy customer.

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