The Book That Takes You Out of Pain and Home to Your True Self

Steven Kessler offers us the key to understanding people in his acclaimed release, "The 5 Personality Patterns: Your Guide to Understanding Yourself and Others"

Online PR News – 06-October-2016 – San Francisco, Ca. – Steven Kessler offers us a deeper way of seeing ourselves and each other, giving us all a deeper level of understanding and compassion and ultimately changing lives. And it's time. rnrnSince 1984, Kessler has studied and taught many healing modalities including Character Structure, the Enneagram, energy work, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and various meditation and spiritual practices, while leading hundreds of groups and touching thousands of lives. Eight years in the making, 'The 5 Personality Patterns' brings his rich understanding to the masses.

Released by Bodhi Tree Press, this guide to human beings is positioned as a tool and map for self exploration, effective communication, and developing emotional maturity.

With a growing movement in our culture to heal our core wounds, become more authentic, and reach our full potential, this map shows us the path out of our suffering and back to the light of our true selves. In his book he writes, “These patterns have shaped us so deeply that now we think that's who we are -- but these patterns are not your true self. In fact, they cover up your true self and prevent it from shining out into the world”.

Steven Kessler is passionate about sharing this map of personality and facilitating our journey out of suffering and back to wholeness.

"The 5 Personality Patterns," 23.95 (on sale for $19.95), is available on Amazon, or at, where you'll also find more information about his powerful work and upcoming workshops.

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