Same Day Dispatch Prepaid MasterCard From Freedom Eagle Cash Card

Freedom Eagle Cash is the only cash card with same day dispatch. Instant ATM cash withdrawals are possible with these no credit check credit card. No ID proof is required for this instant decision cash card.

Online PR News – 10-April-2009 – – Essex, UK - Getting a credit card has never been easier before. Freedom Eagle Cash Card has simplified the entire credit card application process. Freedom Eagle Cash Card, which is a prepaid MasterCard is an instant issue no credit check credit card. Those who want instant decision cash card can apply for their Freedom card and enjoy the unlimited benefits out of this feature packed prepaid MasterCard. Unlike the other credit cards, Freedom card does not require any identity proof or other documents for approval. This is the only cash card ever in the credit card industry to offer same day delivery. Those who apply for their Freedom Eagle Cash Card can also get their free Eagle Talk™ calling card with a talk time of free £2 credit.

Freedom card is an absolute hassle free card that comes with 100% approval. One need not have to wait for the approval for weeks. It does not have all the other time-consuming application formalities such as credit checks. These instant decision cash card is not associated with any of the bank accounts of the users so it is absolutely safe. Moreover, since it does not have any of the regular application process, these credit cards are dispatched to the users the same day.

Freedom card can be used in a number of ways besides personal use. They can be used as employee allowance card or gift card. Parents can use these no credit check credit card as pocket money card to their children.

If ordered before Monday to Friday, 3 pm, the card can be used for instant cash withdrawals at any ATM. Though this instant decision credit card does not involve any long application process, they work the same way as the other regular credit cards. It can be used online like the regular credit cards. They are absolutely safe to be used online as they are in no way be tracked back to the user’s bank account. It can be used worldwide and therefore one of the best and safest ways of carrying cash. Freedom card does not have any monthly or annual charges unlike the regular credit cards.

All the above factors make Freedom Eagle Cash Card as one of the cheapest and quickest way of managing our money. The maximum load limit is £650. However, those who would like to have a higher load limit can upgrade their card to £1,650 any time without any additional charges. If further higher load limit is required, one can upgrade it to £3,000. However, upgrading the card to personal level would require the user to provide ID proof.

Freedom card can be used like the regular credit card in over 28 million outlets that accept MasterCard. To ensure additional security these cards come with chip and PIN security. The cards can be easily loaded like recharging our prepaid mobile phones. Freedom Eagle Cash Card is serviced by White Eagle (Europe) Plc. They have won the “Best Marketing and Distribution’ award for 2008 at the MasterCard Prepaid Europe Awards.

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