XERAFY and KeyTone launch RFID based Inventory Audit Managed Service

Partnership brings together a combination of unique expertise and proven asset tracking technology to deliver inventory audits in half the time with RFID while yielding compelling ROI.

Online PR News – 02-November-2010 – – Dallas, TX – XERAFY™, a worldwide provider of RFID tags for metal assets, and KeyTone Technologies, an asset tracking software and managed service provider, announces a partnership to offer inventory audit as a managed service using a combination of barcode and RFID technologies.

Rapid Asset Inventory Delivery Service
The RAID managed service was created to cater to the needs of many organizations that perform inventory audit of fixed and mobile assets spread across multiple locations. Typical methods of audits are time consuming, error prone, and costly, resulting in inaccurate reconciliation of physical inventory with system inventory. The RAID service changes the way an enterprise conducts its audits by leveraging RFID technology. RFID tags are used to provision assets and record in a web based inventory management platform that can be accessed globally and deliver 100% accurate and compliant information to your existing asset management system.

Not only does RFID help in cutting audit time by half, it also helps in reducing the costs of these audits without compromising accuracy. RFID marks a significant improvement over barcode because data can be gathered much faster. In fact, read rates can exceed 40 or more tags per second without line of sight, while each barcode scan takes longer than half-second to read a single tag.

“Our service guarantees wall-to-wall coverage with 100% physical verification and reconciliation to your fixed asset ledger. The Rapid Asset Inventory Delivery managed service includes asset assessment, provisioning, auditing and updating of your system with current asset information,” said Edwin Winder, EVP Sales and Marketing at KeyTone Technologies. “Our approach ensures internal and external compliance while resulting in a positive ROI in less than a year.”

“The right tag at the right price has always been an industry challenge in RFID adoption,” said Dennis Khoo, CEO of XERAFY. “XERAFY’s tag products combined with the inventory auditing service from KeyTone will help enterprise managers migrate from barcode to RFID without any upfront investment in infrastructure and gain the accuracy and time benefits right from day one.”



XERAFY is committed to bringing customers the world's smallest and most durable passive UHF RFID-On-Metal (ROM) and –iN metal tags that are qualified and tested to meet extreme conditions over the lifetime of the asset. XERAFY’s innovative packaging technology offers the Automotive Manufacturing, Aerospace, Energy, IT, and Construction market, an affordable, durable, high temperature smart tag that can be easily attached to or embedded to metal assets. XERAFY enables customers to be successful automatically check-in/check-out tools, MRO, WIP, process control and logistics through a competitive advantage in size, cost, design, quality, and performance of tags. XERAFY is headquartered in Hong Kong, and maintains sales & support offices in Dallas, Texas, Maryland and in Shanghai, China.

Learn more about XERAFY by visiting us at: www.xerafy.com.

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About KeyTone Technologies
KeyTone Technologies is a recognized leader in RFID solutions for clients in Hi-tech and telecommunications, Transportation & Logistics, Financial Services, Aerospace & Defense and Hospitality and Healthcare. With in-depth experience and comprehensive solutions, KeyTone has distinguished itself as the company of choice for delivering real value while simplifying the adoption of RFID. KeyTone knows how to make RFID work for the benefit of its customers, whether providing end to end visibility through all manufacturing and distribution processes or tracking material and human assets. KeyTone's solutions help create and sustain superior performance by improving visibility in processes and asset tracking.

Headquartered in Cupertino, California, KeyTone enjoys an impressive customer base including, Silicon Valley Bank, Micron (formerly Lexar Media) and Surefire and an equally strong partner community including Motorola (formerly Symbol), Intermec, Alien Technology, Zebra Technologies, Printronix, Intelleflex, Escort Memory Systems (a Datalogic subsidiary), Weber Marking, and Satyam Computer Services.

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