AKick Software Inc. Upgraded its Best Free PC Optimization Software Releasing the Latest Version 1.2

The Company has introduced the all new updates and add-ons in the latest version of AKick PC Optimizer, 1.2.

Online PR News – 06-October-2016 – New York, USA – AKick Software Inc. recently announced and released the latest version 1.2 of its PC Optimizer Software worldwide. Introducing quite a few updates, patches, and bug fixes in the system utility, the company has enhanced some of the existing features of the software.

With the increasing exploitation of the internet and thus the excessive use of PC, the degradation in system performance, regular crashes, unexpected screen freezes, and the encounter of Blue screen of death (BSOD) has been commonly reported in a while. In order to eradicate all these computer-related hazards, AKick has re-developed its best free PC Optimization Software with the release of upgraded version 1.2.

Blending the top-notch technology with effectual PC optimization tools like Auto update, Live Optimizer, Shortcut Fixer, and so on, this system utility assures better performance output of the PC.

The update released is not a mere improvement of Windows registry cleaner or one of two features but an overall augmentation of the system optimizer that has been advanced with the following updates and features:

Latest updates and features incorporated in the best free PC Optimization Software:

• Regular PC Health Check: This free system optimizer checks the overall and following system elements for any error, malware, or degradation in performance:

Browser Health Check
Registry Health Check
Privacy Health Check
Startup Health Check
Junk Health Check
Status Reports of:
System Security
PC Cleaning
PC Optimization

Note: Even the free system optimizer version gives the above-mentioned status reports.

• Disk Cleanup: This feature includes 3 tools:

Disk Cleaner that cleans up unwanted files from system disks to free up space.
Shortcut Fixer; repairs all the corrupted shortcut files.
And “Junk File Remover” that deletes trashed files and system junk.

• Windows Registry Cleaner: This one comprises of Registry Cleaner and Registry De-fragmentation tools.

• Live Optimizer: It accelerates the response time of Windows applications by organizing the allocation of system resources according to the execution priorities of the processes. This means; you can end, abort or put unnecessary applications on hold running in background. Consequently, your necessary active processes will run faster.

• Optimize PC feature: Apart from optimizing the overall PC performance, this feature of AKick’s best free PC Optimization Software also includes Startup Manager and Browser Health Object for Startup time and Browser Health optimization respectively.

• Security: Its Privacy Protector and Security Advisor suggest required security measures to protect PC from unauthorized intrusion, hackers, etc.

• Auto Update: Automatically keeps the software up to date.

Availability and Global Market Price:

The latest version of AKick PC Optimizer is available for download at www.akick.com and all other retail stores globally.

7 days of free trial.
1-year subscription, just for $39.99.

Company Background Check:

AKick Software Inc. is an IT security and application software development company having produced software products like Antivirus, Total Security, PC Booster, All-in-one Document Converter, HD Video Downloader, etc. AKick’s foremost aim is to enhance user-experience and simplify usability of technology.

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