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The first novel in The Jonas Watcher series is now a free eBook available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, and other online retailers.

Online PR News – 05-October-2016 – Castro Valley, California – With the release of "The Case of the Jade Dragon", the third book in the Jonas Watcher Detective Mystery series, the author decided to encourage readers to read the novels by making the first novel in eBook format, "The Case of the Running Bag" free.

The ebook can be obtained at any online retailer. Amazon is just one of the many websites that carry the eBook;

Below is a synopsis of the book to help readers to decide if the Jonas Watcher Detective Mystery Adventure series would be of interest.

An Accident or Attempted Murder?

It's winter in San Francisco and Jonas Watcher wakes up on a floating dock under a pier of a wharf next to the bay. He's beyond hangovers and the DTs and has no memory of how he ended up on the dock. As he climbs up a ladder, he is suddenly hit with a large object that forces him down, not onto the wooden dock but into the bay.rnrnHe struggles to stay alive using adrenalin and his reflexes. After he recovers, he finds he is the recipient of a substantial sum of money, a change of clothes, and a Colt forty-four. He finds a temporary place to sleep for the night, only to wake up entangled in a mystery with a femme fatale, a missing man, and a dead private detective.rnrnThe more he tries to extricate himself, the more entrenched he becomes; he uncovers blackmail, kidnapping, murder, and he must deal with the very rich. He has one dubious ally in the guise of an intelligent San Francisco police detective who has an agenda of his own.

It's the nineteen thirties and Jonas Watcher must solve The Case of the Running Bag if he wants to stay alive.

About the Author

I am a native Californian who married my high school sweetheart. We are coming up on being married for 50 years; why she puts up with me is still a mystery.rnrnI have been a frustrated writer for most of my working career, having to settle for writing white papers and technical training manuals.rnrnI have always been an avid watcher of film noir, mysteries, and other detective crime fiction as well as science fiction and fantasy. I read quite a bit, which would probably surprise a number of my teachers. I would have been a better reader earlier if Dick and Jane were detectives, or at least, a wizard and witch.rnrnI grew up on a farm… boring. I have written numerous unpublished short stories and two novels, which shared the same fate, probably for good reason. I did create a political comic book, which has been self-published. To paraphrase some comedian, publishing is easy, making money from it is hard. My latest book has gotten very good reviews, even from non-family members.rnrnThe rest is subject to change on my personal whim.