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10/06/2016 is a website dedicated to providing feng shui forecast & guide. It has just recently released flying star forecast for the year 2017.

Online PR News – 06-October-2016 – Atlanta, Georgia – When looking at a property's energy according to the Feng Shui Flying Stars system there are two important star sets. These are the Sitting (or Mountain) stars and the Facing (or Water) stars. Stars are numbered 1 to 9 and represent the Qi or energy in any property though most often people consider it for their homes.

There are nine sectors in a 3x3 grid. The stars fall in certain sectors of that grid using a Feng Shui formula you can take into account which way your house should face as well as when to complete or when to carry out large renovations. Those nine sectors are also called palaces. Each palace has a sequence of three numbers that the stars form. In the center this is the time or base star, to the left is the sitting star and to the right is the facing star.

When these stars are in a sector their energy can influence it, sometimes to good effect and sometimes to bad. Under this Feng Shui Flying Stars system you get 20 years in each period and there are nine periods. At the moment for example, for the year 2017, we are in the period of 2004 to 2024. How timely a star in decides on its auspiciousness. In the time period we are currently in the most auspicious star is the number 8. Other stars that are also beneficial at the moment are stars 6 and 1. These three stars are often referred to as white stars and whichever sector they are in they will exert energy that is positive. Unless in the periods 2 or 5 the stars 2 or 5 are more often inauspicious. Stars 3, 4, 7 and 9 can vary on whether they are good or bad depending on which period they are in. It also does vary depending on which practice of Flying Star you follow.

When using the Feng Shui Flying Stars system on your home the main things to consider are your master bedroom, the kitchen and the front door. Luck of the home is based on the qi that flows through them. However Sitting and Facing stars are just as important. The main door is the mouth of the house, it lets in energy. It is therefore vital that door be placed in a sector with star 8 the most auspicious star. It should then be connected to a Facing star which is associated with wealth and career.

The master bedroom should be tapped into the Sitting Stars which are best placed in sectors that are inactive. This bedroom should be where the head of the house sleeps and positioned this way they can get from Star 8 good relationships and good health.

You can also consider the land around the home. If for example there is a lake or pond to the front of the home and there is the auspicious star 8 wealth luck can be brought into the home more often each time the door is used. This is because the Facing Stars are activated by the water of the pond or lake. If too your master bedroom is in the same sector as a mountain or a hill with a good luck sitting star 8 this will bring in more relationship and good health.

About is a well-known website on Feng Shui. Do check them out for the latest forecasts, tips and guide to help you improve the feng shui energy around you. Flying star 2017 forecast is available at

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