PhoenixBizz Introduces Simple Way for Small Companies to Develop Mobile Friendly Company Websites with no Upfront Costs.

Online PR News – 05-October-2016 – Phoenix, AZ – PHOENIX, ARIZONA October 4, 2016 A new program has been launched by PhoenixBizz to provide cost effective options for small businesses wanting to create a mobile friendly website, and with no up-front costs.

Small business is the backbone of America. According the Small Business Administration, small firms account for 64% of all new net job growth (as of Sept 2012).

“Many large corporations have extensive LOC’s and large budgets allowing low cost barriers for IT initiatives, but that availability to cash is not always the case for small businesses, many who operate on razor-thin margins, and who are at the mercy of growing government regulation. Why should all the leverage by given only to large companies? Small businesses should be given the same opportunity to expand their brand and reach a greater audience as their larger counterparts, without borrowing thousands to do so”, said John Tomblin, Division Manager of PhoenixBizz.com.

The 0% Down Initiative officially began October 1, 2016 and will run the end of 2016. The program offers small businesses, who have less than 10 employees, the opportunity to have their company website built with no down-payment.

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