Creatrix Campus supports curriculum mind maps to enable students perform with high-level skills

Powerful graphical mapping technique to align curriculum, skills & competencies, assessments, teaching methods with learning outcomes to improve student success

Online PR News – 04-October-2016 – San Antonio, Texas – In the 21st century higher education, technology makes the institute stand out in the crowded educational marketplace. Modern students expect a technology-enhanced environment with radically simplified content delivery and supports personalized learning. Creating and aligning a curriculum to the academic standards and within and across program and course levels to help students achieve learning outcomes will boost the performance of educational institutions significantly.

Creatrix Campus has united a team of experts in education to create the most complex and innovative outcome based curriculum mapping system which enables colleges and higher educations to create high quality curriculum and enjoy a position of exceptional prominence. Creatrix Campus offers a powerful synergy of mission and vision, program and course outcomes, standards-based curriculum and instructional programs, graduate attributes and assessments which will substantially improve student achievement while reducing achievement gaps among students.

Budgetary constraints mean you need cost-effective cloud technology that can pay for itself over the short term, while securely handling increased data volume and applications and establishing a solid foundation for learning innovations.

Creatrix Campus provides highly secure environment with role-based access control, data storage, instant upgrades, managed IT infrastructure, scalability, and integration with third party applications that will enable institutions to enrich the academic experience and safeguard student & institutional information.

Creatrix Campus provides powerful communication and collaboration tools that help students, faculty, staff and administrators with mobile flexibility to access and share information beyond the campus from anywhere, anytime.

Outcome based curriculum management solutions are tailored to the precise needs of institutions, and by integrating and interoperating with the existing technology and assets, protect the institution’s IT investment while paving a smooth migration path for the future.

Education leaders should choose the right curriculum development strategy to optimize institutional performance. Choose Creatrix Campus education ERP system that spans the full spectrum of academic expertise.

As part of the launch campaign, Creatrix Campus offers its potential clients free consultation for those submitting their requests.

About Creatrix Campus

Creatrix Campus is a flagship product of Anubavam LLC, headquartered in San Antonio, Texas with branches across South Africa and India. Creatrix Campus is known for its innovative education management solution including higher education software, student information system, outcome based education software, competency-based education solution, accreditation management system and mobile app for higher education. Having developed numerous modules for higher education, Creatrix Campus platform helps small, medium and large sized colleges and higher education institutions to better align their core academic and administrative processes with technology, and help plan, implement, manage and maintain their IT infrastructure, leading to enhanced learning outcomes and ability to compete in today's market.

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