Colorado Spine and Disc Is On A Mission to Stop Low Back Pain in Denver

The K-Laser™ has changed the game for those suffering from chronic low back pain, and Colorado Spine and Disc is on the front lines of effective treatment.

Online PR News – 01-November-2010 – – DENVER, Colo. – Dr. Brad Richardson, owner of Colorado Spine and Disc ( has seen the painful expressions of people suffering with low back pain for more than 12 years. He has been able to help the majority of these folks over the years reduce or eliminate their pain, and now he has a new ally to help in this mission to end low back pain: the Class IV infrared medical laser known as the K-Laser ™.

The K-Laser ™ was actually the first medical laser to begin employing two infrared wavelengths simultaneously, resulting in deep tissue penetration and increased lower back pain relief. Quite simply, the K-Laser ™ is the most technologically-advanced Class IV Therapy Laser available today for treating low back pain, and it is available to you at Colorado Spine and Disc in Broomfield, Colorado.

If you are currently part of the 10% of the population that has developed chronic low back pain after a back injury of some sort, this low back pain treatment is just the answer you have been looking for.

“Doctors across the country are experiencing remarkable results as they attempt to help sufferers of low back pain that have unique and very difficult conditions to treat. The K-Laser ™ has the power to truly aid the spinal decompression process for those patients that had not been able to find relief before," stated Dr. Richardson. "We are very excited about this new option and are looking forward to helping many more people in Denver end their lower back pain.”

So what’s the bottom line? There is no reason for you to continue suffering in silence with your low back pain. Colorado Spine and Disc has the knowledge and the tools to bring your Denver back pain to an end once and for all.

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