Get Your Recommendations Directly

PortfolioRunner is proud to announce additions to the daily Trade Summary

Online PR News – 01-November-2010 – – Currently all customers of PortfolioRunner receive a daily trade summary. The summary shows each of your portfolios and points out information about particular stocks in each of them. This allows you to effectively manage your risk.

The first important piece of information that is now on the summary is a news ticker. Basically, the Trade Summary is going to show you which stocks in your portfolio have news associated to it, whether it be positive or negative news. This feature will show you as the market is opening which stock that you can choose to read up on. No more combing through the web to find news about every stock in your portfolio. Instead, let PortfolioRunner do that for you.

The second amazing new feature to the Trade Summary is that it will show you the recommendations for that day. You no longer have to log into the system in order to see if you have recommendations. This convenient feature will allow you at the beginning of your day, to quickly evaluate your portfolios while checking your e-mail and then move on with your day. Of course you will want to log into the system to see how your portfolios are doing throughout the day, but it is no longer necessary to log-in to see recommendations.

This feature is also a direct correlation to what our customers have been asking for. This is only the beginning of how is going to continue to evaluate new ways to enhance our quality and efficiently. Thank you valued customers.