New CIPP Technology in Texas

Advanced Pipe Repair is offering the latest technology in plumbing repair and pipe replacement.

Online PR News – 02-October-2016 – Dallas, TX – Texas, October 2016—Advanced Pipe Repair is offering the latest technology in plumbing repair and pipe replacement. Advanced Pipe Repair has brought cured in place pipe (CIPP) to Texas, eliminating the need for destructive pipe replacement. Much of the cost of replacing pipes comes from indirect costs. Labor costs to dig a trench. Repair costs to fix damaged landscaping, flooring, and other areas typically damaged by traditional pipe replacement. Advanced Pipe Repair skips those steps and performs trenchless pipe replacement for a fraction of the time and money.
Cured in place pipes are a flexible solution for almost any plumbing problem. In Texas, you don’t throw things away. You use them until you’ve gotten your money’s worth. That attitude is good for thrift, but often leaves homeowners with a sudden emergency. If your pipe hasn’t totally collapsed, there’s a good chance CIPP will work for you. CIPP works to repair corroded, outdated pipes. It also works for repeat issues, like intrusive roots. The cured in place pipes don’t need a lot of support to stand. They can even work on oval pipes. For pipes with a lot of joints in, the joints can be added in once the pipe is cured. Adaptability makes CIPP a good choice because there are few unforeseen circumstances that will mean CIPP isn’t right for you. Once your situation has been evaluated you can move forward confident that CIPP will fix your plumbing.
Cured in place pipes start out as flexible woven tubes. These tubes are then soaked in resin and inserted into your pipes. Hot air helps them maintain their shape. Over time—as little as a few hours or as long as a couple of days, depending on the specifics of your pipes—this resin hardens to form a smooth, perfectly shaped pipe inside of your broken or corroded one. Your existing pipe becomes the mold that an entirely new pipe is formed inside of. This method means your old pipes can stay where they are. Pipes stay under your floor, under the driveway (that’s expensive to replace!), or under your vegetable garden. That saves you the difficult of cleanup and repair.
It’s common to not want to be the testers of a new technology. CIPP is far from untested. While CIPP is still making strides to become ever more affordable and durable, installation has been distilled to a science by early adopting companies. As it becomes more practical for homeowners to simply replace broken pipes with CIPP, the demand is growing. Advanced Pipe Repair is there to handle this demand in Texas. This newer option gives Texas homeowners and business owners a less intrusive option the next time one of their pipes drips, buckles, or leaks.
Advanced Pipe Repair was founded in 2006. Since then, rapid response to pipe failure has remained first priority. With over 25 years of collective experience in commercial and residential properties, Advanced Pipe Repair stands by their work. You can find more about their business and their business model at