GCYA USA is an international communications firm based in Dallas, TX.
We are looking for an experienced and ambitious New Biz Dev Executive.

Online PR News – 02-October-2016 – Dallas/Texas – GCYA USA NEW BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT EXECUTIVE – SALES

GCYA USA is an international communications firm based in Dallas, TX. Our global headquarters are in Mexico City. We have a long and rich history of providing strategic and effective communications services to our established global clients as well as up-and-coming companies.

For more information: www.gcyausa.com

In Dallas we are new, we are growing and expanding.

We are looking for an experienced and ambitious New Biz Dev Executive. Your experience adds value to our team at GCYA and our clients. Your ambition will take you where you want to go with our firm.

Come be a part of a special group of communicators!

Job Description
• Be a part of our team! You will help the agency grow, expand our new client base, implement state-of-the-art and creative New Biz Dev initiatives and make new business contacts on behalf of GCYA. Your contributions will be invaluable to everyone around you
• You will help develop and execute a New Biz Dev program tailored specifically for GCYA USA
• You will be responsible for all Inbound and Outbound New Biz Dev efforts and tactics
• But you will not be alone. Along with agency managers, you will set New Biz Dev goals and meet them month-to-month
• Advise the agency on areas of potential growth and new cash flow – you will look for opportunities to help GCYA grow its business and its services
• While we have titles, everybody supervises everybody to get the work done – be ready to jump in and get to work on day one
• You will research, help prepare proposals and assist with pitching a prospect. While the senior managers are responsible for closing a prospect, you will advise and support the New Biz team as necessary
• You will grow our database of new sales leads, and update and add to this database on a continual basis
• Continue with your education and look for additional training opportunities – You are never too old to learn!
• Follow the lead of your manager or supervisor – and you will report your progress almost on a daily basis
• Be able to work with, advise and learn from an international team – cooperation, accountability, flexibility are key
• We take care of serious business for our clients, yet we do have fun along the way…!
• As a superior New Biz Executive you must have detailed, effective and superior communications skills as you will represent GCYA USA
• Along with that, you must have a superior grasp of the written word and command of the English-language
• Speaking of which, we prefer bilingual – English and Spanish – yet not mandatory
• Have some experience working in a team environment – experience working on international teams is helpful
• Have a working knowledge of our core professional services offerings: PR, Marketing, Media Relations, Social Media, Corporate Communications
• A college/university degree in Business, Marketing, Sales or related field – preferred but not mandatory
• Also two to four years work experience in a closely relevant field – a combination of education and work experience is acceptable
• A demonstrated knowledge and use of digital communications and how it impacts a fast-paced business environment

We Offer:
• An excellent working environment with a great group of communications professionals
• Salary is based on your experience and your drive to make more money – i.e., base salary is based on previous experience + New Biz Dev commission is up to you and how much you want to make – earning potential is open
• Full benefits including healthcare and paid vacation
• Flexible hours – however we believe in accountability to your team – e.g. if your team has a mandatory meeting, you will be there
• A great opportunity to grow in your career, to make it what you want it to be and advance as far as you want to go with us

For more information contact us at talktous@gcya.net. No phone calls please.