Planet Gift Baskets Launches A New Line Of Gluten Free Gift Baskets

Gluten free gift baskets are becoming more and more popular as Americans are being diagnosed with gluten allergies.

Online PR News – 01-November-2010 – – Gift Baskets are a joy to give and receive. Everyone should be able to open a beautifully packaged present and enjoy a surprise from a loved one, family or friend. Those with gluten allergies cannot enjoy the gourmet foods that are usually included in such popular gifts. Gluten intolerance is an allergy to wheat that makes digesting any products made from wheat impossible and unbearable. Even trace amounts of gluten can make someone with the allergy extremely ill. Great care must be taken when sending a gourmet food gift.

Planet Gift Baskets focuses on sympathy gifts and gift baskets for all occasions. "In the last year we began to get more and more calls from loved ones looking for special gifts that were gluten free. We had no idea what gluten was at that time," states Pam Brown, co owner of Planet Gift Baskets.

As the year passed coincidentally, Linda Cramer, partner of Planet Gift Baskets began getting more and more ill. She began to have trouble digesting foods. After two weeks of extreme fatigue and illness, she decided to visit her doctor and was diagnosed with Celiac disease which meant she was extremely allergic to gluten. Later that year, Pam Brown's daughter also began to show signs of a gluten allergy. "Because this issue effected both of our families, we began to research more and more about gluten and gluten free food alternatives which we could use to feed our families and also present to our customers. This is where our gluten free gift basket line was born," says Pam.

The gluten free gift baskets line boasts nine designs with more to come. Each gift basket is designed to be beautiful to the eye and tasteful to the gluten free palate. Extensive research through various trade shows, gluten free forums, books and online resources were used to create the line. "We tried to create baskets that could be given for any occasion such as get well, chocolate lovers, barbecue, corporate gift giving and more. Each gift reflects the same sense of style that has made our traditional gift baskets so popular. Our best selling gluten free gift basket is our Gluten Free Speedy Recovery. People love to send gift baskets to wish some one a speedy recovery. Now those with gluten allergies can receive gifts that can brighten their day as well."

Each and every product that goes into the new line is taste tested by people with gluten allergies. "I noticed that my daughter's tastes have changed since becoming gluten free. Because of this, each product must be tasted by her. If she likes the product most likely others will."

To view the gluten free gift basket line, visit Planet Gift Baskets for more information. A category is given exclusively to gluten free gifts. If you do not see exactly what you are looking for give them a call. The staff is very knowledgeable about this type of food allergy and can suggest or custom create a gift basket perfect for your recipient. Gluten free foods are stored separately from other gourmet foods and all staff members are trained to handle and produce a gluten free gift basket that will truly be remembered and appreciated.