Wendt Gallery Laguna Beach exhibition for contemporary artist Beatrice Findlay

Wendt Gallery Laguna Beach is pleased to announce the opening of their new solo exhibition of works by contemporary abstract painter Beatrice Findlay. This west coast exhibition is on view in Laguna Beach from November 4th through December 1st, 2010

Online PR News – 31-October-2010 – – Curated by Serina Manqueros, this collection of works will feature 8 new works executed by the artist. Mrs. Manqueros brings 12 years of experience as a specialist in contemporary painting to this exhibition. She has assembled this exhibition in order to present a formal introduction of new works of the artist to the gallery.

Findlay sums up her assessment of her new collection with the following statement; “My paintings can be read as abstractions, but they are actually hybrids. Figurative and landscape forms are as integral to the compositions as the structural and expressive qualities of color. Transparency, ambiguity, shifting planes and a feeling of light achieved through color juxtaposition are characteristic of my work.

In many, particularly the oils, the physicality, the scale and the thickness, thinness, and texture of the paint are also important factors in understanding the forms. I frequently use diptych and triptych formats to better incorporate contradictory ideas such as the light and the dark, the calm and the turbulent, the solid and the disembodied, organized chaos, Heaven in Hell.”

One of the highlights of the exhibition, Four Squares #28, size 72 X 72 oil on canvas, is a bold and vibrant composition which lends itself to a serene interpretation of the four seasons, with its winter, spring, summer and fall. The scene infers winter with its use of a vibrant arctic blue, a cool baby blue representing the thaw into spring, the bloom of yellow flowers symbolizing the vibrancy of summer, and the change of leaves signified by the use of red as the warmth of the fall.

Another key work featured from the collection is Hillhurst Runner 2009, size 44 X 48 oil on canvas. With a intermingling of blue, red and orange hues, the composition is interpretive of a lily pond falling prey to the coming change of season.

Other works, including Running Figure 26 and Running through Darkness, sizes 36 X 42 and 44 X 48, bolster the collection. Like Findlay’s other works, these interpretations focus on the contradiction of color and transparency. The artist collaborates opposing ideas – fluidity and harshness, opaqueness and luminosity, abstract and figurative – each displaying the coexistence of paradoxical objectives, and highlighting the beauty in their differences.

The exhibition is available for viewing 7 days a week from 10 am to 6 pm, or by appointment.

The gallery is located near the corner of Bluebird Canyon Drive and Pacific Coast Highway, across the street from the Surf and Sand Hotel.

For more information, please email info@wendtgallery.com, phone 877-936-3838, or visit www.wendtgallery.com

Written by Serina Manqueros, curator, Contemporary Paintings.