WebPixel Technologies developed Online Hotel booking system that simplified search & booking process

Detailed Press Release about how WebPixel Technologies developed online Hotel Booking system for Australia’s Client

Online PR News – 30-September-2016 – Ahmedabad – The client is based in Australia who got a system for their customers to make booking easily. The system provides the real time accurate result of the available rooms at different hotels. The Online Hotel Booking system has empowered the users to make hotel search and booking on-the-go. Online Booking system has Australia’s common bank as merchant to receive the payment. WebPixel has developed sophisticated plugin using Payflow (PayPal) + bpoint to transfer money to bank account. This common bank Wordpress plugin can be used on any Wordpress website.

The client was provided with WebPixel’s web application development service to have an easy to use user interface which can guide the users in their search. The application has given users access to huge database to find relevant details. User can find hotel details in no time and can make booking in real time. The system is developed using Wordpress + Genesis framework. Genesis is world’s most famous framework, which provides tons of SEO settings, responsive design and child themes. In addition to booking rooms, hotel owners can add/edit rooms, services, etc.

Basically, the web application has three modules - Administrator, Agency's Admin and Users. The admin can add or modify any hotel details. They got all authorization to make edits into system. The system keeps track of each and every change, so it can be tracked later. The Agency's Admin is facilitated in managing their hotel property. They can add or edit rooms and service; they can also manage the text on their page. The users are the end user who uses system to make the booking. They need to register on website with valid email to make the booking.

The new system is fully automated and very easy to use. The Online Hotel booking system is enabled with analytics and heat map on dashboard. It gives Admin clear picture of user’s requirement. This helps admin to enhance system and make it more users friendly. The client has got a strong platform to move ahead in the competition of the Hotel Booking system.