Popertee Releases New Information on Amazon’s Pop Up Shop Domination Strategy

A new release from Popertee explores the secret methodology behind Amazon’s pop up shops and includes expert commentary from industry leaders.

Online PR News – 30-September-2016 – Dublin, Ireland – Popertee, Ireland’s leading marketplace for pop up shop rentals, has just released an in-depth exploration of Amazon’s pop up shop strategy, with interviews and analysis from experts in the retail, marketing, technology, and data sectors.

Amazon has repeatedly refused to comment on its strategies or plans, which has done nothing but add fuel to the fire where speculation is concerned. In the latest publication, Popertee presents information from numerous sources, including experts across various fields as well as private sources close to the company. Notables include Retail Systems Research Managing Partner and Forbes contributor Nikki Baird, Business Insider tech reporter Eugene Kim, consultant, strategist, and Forbes contributor Rob Salkowitz, and many more.

Read “The Real Reason Amazon Launched Pop Up Shops (Hint: It isn’t Fast Revenue)” on LinkedIn today: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/real-reason-amazon-launched-pop-up-shops-hint-isnt-fast-lucinda-kelly

“We have been watching Amazon’s strategy develop,” says Popertee founder and CEO Lucinda Kelly. “We already knew pop up shops are powerful, but learning how and why Amazon is implementing them is inspiring. What they’re doing is truly groundbreaking.”

Recently, Amazon’s profits have soared, but only after years of flatlining. Most sources seem to concur that the current pop up shops are not generating any revenue, which makes their process and decision to invest as they have into the platform all the more intriguing.

“In these early days it’s all about learning, rather than trying to earn a lot of revenue,” CEO Jeff Bezos explained earlier this year, but what they’re in the process of learning is arguably the most interesting part.

About Popertee
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