Learning Pinnacle Announces New eLearning Course Platform

Learning Pinnacle announces new eLearning Course Platform

Online PR News – 30-September-2016 – Asheville, NC – Learning Pinnacle announced today the official launch of their new online training library. The site, a destination for online learning, aims to become the go-to source for meaningful, high-quality training content for business.

With their unique approach to vetted libraries, the founders of Learning Pinnacle aim to help businesses mitigate risk, increase productivity and improve employee retention. Courses are designated to various categories such as Compliance, Soft Skills, Office Tech Training and Talent Development. Their first course library addresses the training needs of businesses of any industry and of any size. The company plans on releasing additional libraries each quarter that meet the more specialized training needs of healthcare institutions, the nonprofit community and higher education.

In addition to offering online courses, the site will make available white papers and blog posts that highlight industry trends and assist human resource professionals and business owners with the creation of their training and development programs.

Executive Quote: ‘We seek to fill what we feel is a great void in the eLearning industry", says Sean Dolan, Channel Programs Manager for Learning Pinnacle. "Until now, online training sites have fallen into two categories–those that train individuals in a very specific niche, like certain professional certifications, and those that offer massive training libraries. What sets Learning Pinnacle apart is our expertly curated libraries that offer categorized content developed by industry-leading subject matter experts. You will never find 637 courses on how to use Microsoft Excel in Learning Pinnacle! Regardless of the topic–The Impact of New FLSA Guidelines, Using Microsoft Word, Writing Effective Business Correspondence or Leading Millennials in the Workplace–we’ve vetted the content so our clients can focus on learning and developing the skills they need to thrive in their roles and their business.”

Learning Pinnacle provides HR organizations access to affordable, on-demand training tools to help meet strategic plans and stay competitive in the global employment marketplace. Learning Pinnacle’s advanced technology makes self-paced e-learning easier for today’s HR leaders. Offering interactive options between students and instructors, social media integration, E-learning programs created by HR experts. Blended learning opportunities are designed to prepare students for advanced in-person instruction or on-the-job training, and a platform that meets the next generation of employees looking to technology for advancing the HR professionals. Self-paced e-learning provides financial rewards, such as the benefits of increased employee satisfaction, improved productivity, and lower turnover.