Bitch-O-Gram Launches Mobile Site: Bitch On the Move
09/29/2009 has announced the launch of its mobile website. Now, you can use the saucy Bitch-O-Gram while you’re on the move

Online PR News – 29-September-2009 – – has announced the launch of its mobile website. Now, you can use the saucy Bitch-O-Gram while you’re on the move, with a simpler but highly functional and easy-to-browse version of on your favorite communication device.

The new mobile phone-enabled site comes with an intuitive interface, making accessing the Bitch-O-Gram a smooth and uncomplicated experience. It is also guarded against information infiltration, giving users the comfortable confidence of sharing information anonymously.

The Bitch-O-Gram is a message-sharing service, which provides people a platform to release their pent up frustrations and confessions from within the cloak of anonymity.

Just imagine the pleasure of telling someone how you really feel without revealing your identity. The Bitch-O-Gram allows you to send completely anonymous messages to anyone through email, phone text or USPS postcards. It allows you to criticize or comment on people, places, organizations and events.

With the Bitch-O-Gram, users can release their frustrations, grudges and grievances and feel truly liberated without having to face the consequences! They can anonymously confess their love, send out special occasion cards, give anonymous tips to the media or the police, lodge political complaints or just bitch, whine and crib in general.

“We wanted to express our true feelings but were worried about being identified. Realizing there were many like us, who wanted to express their feelings but were afraid to, we conceived! We hope you enjoy our website. Feel free to bitch all you want!” exclaims the creator of this innovative website, who not surprisingly, wants to remain anonymous.

Now with its presence over mobile browsing interface, Bitch-O-Gram is sure to make is easy for hundreds to participate in sharing information - unhindered of the consequences of revelations – while on the move.

Every Bitch-O-Gram costs 0.99c for each email, phone text or postcard.