Miramar Recovery Announces L.D.S. Program

Miramar will be adding an ‘L.D.S. Focused Addiction and Dual Diagnosis Treatment.

Online PR News – 31-October-2010 – – Miramar Addiction and Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center will be adding an ‘L.D.S. Focused Addiction and Dual Diagnosis Treatment Track’ for those interested in healing in an environment wherein they can associate with those of similar morals, standards, and philosophy. This new track is anticipated to be an on-going service provided to any and all Miramar clients, who might be interested. Miramar does not plan to run this track at the exclusion of its current non-denominational, primary programs; rather it will be an adjunctive option for those who are desirous.

The ‘L.D.S. Track’ would be ideal for those who are either members of the L.D.S faith, or those who share similar standards of lifestyle and comportment. Oftentimes, families and/or loved ones have concerns associated with the setting wherein a spouse or a child or parent or other loved one will go to receive treatment for substance abuse, particularly in light of the diversity of treatment programs and patient populations existent today in the treatment field. A Miramar spokesperson stated that this new track, similar to all of the existing Miramar programs ‘will provide a safe, comfortable, discreet, and confidential environment for those either of the L.D.S. faith or those partial to those beliefs and lifestyle to heal from addiction and attendant issues.’

As one of the tenets of the L.D.S. faith involves a ‘Health Code’ that prohibits the use/abuse of drugs and/or alcohol, this can lead to a self-imposed stigma associated with addiction, even if the addiction is to prescribed drugs and other medications. The clinicians and therapists in the new program are of the Mormon faith and can provide insight and therapy to those conflicted in this way.

The program is intended for all adults, aged 18 and older. The Miramar spokesperson said they anticipate treating many who are addicted to prescription medications, as well those addicted to alcohol and other controlled substances or Rehab Center.

Among proven, conventional treatment, additional components of the program will include therapy designed to address issues involved with addiction and the L.D.S. faith. Attendees will be able to attend L.D.S. Sunday services, if they desire, as well as participation in other L.D.S. based activities.

About Miramar Recovery:

Miramar Recovery is the premier addiction and dual diagnosis treatment center in the treatment industry. It is licensed for on-site detoxification and comprehensive primary-care addiction treatment. Miramar has exclusive treatment centers in beautiful Laguna Beach and Newport Beach, California.