EbidChat! – The Future Of Online Live Auction Bidding

We are a new online auction webiste that is bringing something new, and much needed, to the table! Not only do we feature live scrolling chat with other members and the runners of the site, bu we have NO bots and guarantee your satisfaction! Registration is free and every new member receives 5 free bids!

Online PR News – 10-April-2009 – – Welcome Ebidchat to the wonderful world of e-bidding! We are new, we are different, and we are LIVE! No bots, No bugs, Just Humans. It’s time to win some awesome, brand-new, top of the line merchandise so don’t delay. Buy bids today!

Nothing compares to the thrill of winning something at a live auction. Whether it be a new Ipod, or a beautifully crafted couture handbag, beating someone to the punch and obtaining a luxury item for less then its retail value is ALWAYS exciting. Now you don’t have to go anywhere, except to your own computer, for the excitement of a real life auction. EbidChat carries the newest, most popular items from electronics, to kitchenware. Even beautiful shoes and jewelry of all shapes and sizes!

Registration is easy, and every newcomer gets 5 free bids. It’s a simple process that yields satisfying results. You can get easy-to-purchase bid packages, compete with other members of the site, and wind up with a brand new Xbox for less then half of the retail value, if you are lucky, and believe us, we have a lot of lucky members!

Not only do you feel like a winner, but you can chat with other online users while you bid as well! Have a good time talking about new and upcoming items for auction, ask questions of the people who are running the site, and share your feelings of bliss when you take away a new Ipod for pennies!

There are a few sites that try to provide this service, but they are riddled with bots, underlying scams and wretched rules. Not EbidChat! We are the only site that is genuinely live! No bots, just humans that are not only knowledgeable, but fun to chat with and guess what? They want to hear your suggestions for new merchandise!

This site offers something new that hasn’t been seen before in the e-bidding community and the launch date is soon! So join the thousands that are rushing to have fun, getting ready to win, and experience the exhilaration of a live auction in your own living room!