PromptCloud launches newest version of its dashboard - CrawlBoard

Simpler. Faster. Better.

Online PR News – 30-September-2016 – Bengaluru,KA – This Friday, PromptCloud, a leading web scraping service company, is launching the newest version of its requirement gathering dashboard. The new dashboard is named CrawlBoard, which comes with many added features which make it easy to use, gives you more detailed information, makes your work fast & gives a far better user experience.

Here’s what one of the clients, who was part of Early Access program, has to say about his experience with CrawlBoard – “CrawlBoard has made our life much easier now. Integrating everything at one place has really made it the one stop solution for all the data needs, especially the new set of details & information provided for each site & set of crawls. PromptCloud has taken customer satisfaction to another level by understanding the needs and providing a packaged solution for them.” NDA restricts PromptCloud from using client’s name.

CrawlBoard is not just limited to requirement gathering, it comes with a lot more data points that helps in improving overall user experience. Please visit our blog to get a sneak peek inside CrawlBoard. Here are some of the interesting features of CrawlBoard:
- Easy addition of sites to crawl list - Stats on data uploads per site and overall stats around crawl date, crawl counts etc. - Integrated ticketing system for one-stop reporting and monitoring of issues - Integrated invoicing and payment system - Better UI/UX for added usability

About the Company: PromptCloud is a web scraping service company set out to simplify data acquisition needs of its clients, so that they can utilize the vast amount of data available on the web to build business intelligence. To know more about PromptCloud’s offerings, please visit their offerings page.