New Marketing Company Launched to Provide Okaloosa and Walton County SEO Services

Recently launched marketing and SEO company, is announcing that they will be providing SEO and marketing services to Okaloosa and Walton Counties of Florida, helping local businesses gain visibility on the web.

Online PR News – 31-October-2010 – – Mossyhead Marketing has launched a new service that many small businesses in Okaloosa and Walton County have been anticipating. Mossyhead Marketing will work to help their clients attain first page placement, as high as practically possible. Mossyhead Marketing will employ their technical proficiency and deep SEO expertise to help propel their client to page one, where internet searchers will able to readily see it. Mossyhead Marketing posits that with the increased visibility, their Okaloosa and Walton County SEO clients should experience added traffic to their online properties and the with that, the potential for higher revenues.

The Internet has become the de facto first step for consumers seeking information about practically anything, including products and services. This phenomenon presents opportunities for small businesses struggling with marketing their products and services. Any business, whether they provide products or services, cannot survive without customers. Failure to attract enough customers will inevitably result in the failure and ultimately, the closure of the business. Admittedly, businesses are subject to numerous factors and circumstances; however, one thing is unmistakable: all businesses must have a steady stream of customers to have a chance at surviving, let alone profiting.

A robust customer base cannot be cultivated overnight. It must be developed through effective advertising, and that starts with building awareness. Businesses have tried different methods in order to build a loyal following. Some businesses are unable to wait too long to build a health customer base before they ultimately fail. They simply cannot go by the antiquated adage that states, build them and they will come. Today's rapidly changing business environment means that businesses have to get aggressive and reach out to customers, raise awareness of their products and/or services, and convince the skeptics that they should be given a chance. No matter the approach, nothing will happen until awareness is properly cultivated and raised.

With the majority of consumers using Google to help them search, businesses should be looking to Google's search engine result pages as the key to attracting clients who may be searching for products and services. The consumers conducting these searches are potential customers, and a big portion of searchers are actually looking for local results. These types of searches, ones that the consumer qualifies by employing a geographical keyword such as Okaloosa for instance, are extremely targeted traffic that businesses should go after. Businesses should claim their Google Place page, and develop an approach to rank in the first page so that motivated customers will be able to see them, and ultimately contact them for more information.

Unfortunately, most small businesses do not have the expertise or the time to conduct their own online marketing. For businesses in Okaloosa and Walton Counties, SEO services is only a phone call away. Mossyhead Marketing is uniquely qualified to handle the search engine marketing efforts of small businesses. The individuals at Mossyhead Marketing are Google Local Business Center Specialists who understand the online marketing business, and are adept at getting local businesses the Google page one exposure they need to realize success.

"We are dedicated to helping Okaloosa and Walton County businesses achieve the best possible position on Google, because we believe in developing our own community first and foremost, and when our clients hit page one, the increased exposure brings with it the potential for tremendous traffic, and with traffic we sow the seeds for success," notes Ken Shorey, the brains behind Mossyhead Marketing.

Mossyhead Marketing is an Internet Advertising company dedicated to Okaloosa and Walton counties. We help local businesses get found on the web. We provide sensible website marketing solutions that will help our clients find more customers, more business and more profits. Here at, we specialize in getting local businesses ranked well with Google and the other top search engines. We pride ourselves on not just getting sites ranked on page one, but as high as is reasonably possible toward the number one position.

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