Homes For Sale, $5,000 Or Best Offer - eBay Auction Report
09/29/2009 is a free website which tracks low priced homes for sale in the United States.

Online PR News – 29-September-2009 – – has posted the Top 10 eBay Auction results for U.S. homes which sold below $5,000 in September.

Some examples... In Cincinnati Ohio a 3 Story, 6 bedroom, 2 bath, (Brick) single family home built in 1910, was sold for $4,050. Syracuse New York had a 2,600 square foot 6 bedroom home sold for $1,075. But the best buy (based on price alone) appeared to be in Arnold Pennsylvania. Where a 5 unit apartment building was sold for $4,869. (This breaks down to only $973 per apartment)

When publisher, James Massey was asked if he had any advice for home buyers hoping to find bargain homes for sale through an eBay auction.

Massey replied; “Regardless of low prices, it’s important to proceed with the utmost of caution before buying homes for sale in an eBay auction. Making sure a neighborhoods safe, the house (structurally) sound, and the title clear, should be a top priority before bidding on anything.”

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