The Halloween Spirits are Flowing on Martini In The Morning

Martini In The Morning will have the resident Daddy-O’s bartenders live at 9:00am PST on Friday October 29 in studio demonstrating the perfect spirits for Your Adult Halloween party including classic cocktails, and Halloween concoctions.

Online PR News – 30-October-2010 – – North Hollywood, CA - October 30, 2010 -- It's time to get the spirits moving!  Martini In The Morning is having their resident bartenders from Daddy-O’s Martini in studio on Friday to introduce their latest vintage cocktail discoveries and a selection of Halloween drinks for grown-ups to enjoy. Daddy-O's Martinis( founder and master mixologist John Apodaca and Mark Barkley will be serving host Brad 'Martini' Chambers some cocktail classics as well as a few new creations live on the air.

Daddy-O's Martinis will be on Martini In The Morning( Friday October 29 from 9:00 - 10:30 AM featuring cocktails for Halloween! John Apodaca will be demonstrating a fine selection of the best cocktails and mixed drinks for Halloween. Some of the cocktails featured will be the Pumpkin cocktail, Brandy Alexander, Pecan cordial and Lion's Tail. To accompany the cocktails the station will be airing music with a Halloween flavor.

Celebrated on October 31, Halloween is also known as All Hallows Eve. This is the night before All Saints Day on November 1. At the waning of the year - as the daylight hours grew shorter - they celebrated their festival of "summer's end." The holiday, which is thought of by some to be a Pagan holiday, originated from Samhain, an ancient Celtic festival. The souls of the dead were said to wander on this night - many people didn't want to leave their homes because they were afraid of the dark. They were also afraid of the spirits of the dead who were thought to return for just one night to haunt those who were still alive.

In order to leave their homes and blend in with the spirits, people would dress up in costumes so the spirits wouldn't recognize them. Today the tradition of dressing up still lives on. It is one of the biggest party nights of the year. If you plan on throwing a costume party for the holiday, you may want to consider serving pumpkin flavored drinks, drinks inspired by your favorite Halloween treats, A lot of what makes Halloween what it is, is the creation of a spooky atmosphere. Cocktails are no different.

“Daddy-O’s Martini is a perfect complement for Martini in The Morning(” said Brad “Martini” Chambers, Chief Creative Officer of the Standard Media Group. “More and more consumers are using music, radio in particular, as their Mood Button. “ It’s a lifestyle thing,” says Chambers, at the North Hollywood, CA based company that produces the internet radio station Martini In The Morning’s core product, The Lounge Sound On-Line and On-Air is a fun, up-beat, and hip combination of celebrity interviews and music from today’s contemporary artists to music legends. It is home to the classic yet contemporary coolness of The Great American Songbook. Setting it apart from the Adult Standard presentations of the past, The Standard is not about nostalgia. “We are playing the perfect soundtrack to lounge around with friends or get your Halloween martini cocktail party started.”

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