Over $400,000 Slots Win at RoyalAceCasino.com

Over the weekend, Hasmik from California won over $400,000 in real money playing online slot machines at RoyalAceCasino.com.

Online PR News – 29-September-2009 – – At just after 11PM EST on September 25, 2009, Hasmik L.A.S. of California started a gambling session at Royal Ace Casino that would end up resulting in over $400,000 in real money winnings. It all started with a $100 deposit and worked its way up to over $400,000 during the course of a three day long slots playing spree.

Royal Ace customer service manager, Paulie Mancini, reviewed the account on Sunday afternoon and said that Hasmik was doing well right from the beginning. “She had worked her way up to an over $8,000 balance within the first four hours of play. Then everything really got exciting when she made her first big hit for $64,000 in our slot machine Paris Beauty at around 3AM of the 26th. That changed everything,” he said. He went on to layout the timeline of the biggest hits Hasmik made over the weekend. “Her balance was bouncing around quite a bit, and when she made her next hit for $15,000 in Paris Beauty, her balance had fallen from $73,000 to less than $68,000. After the $15,000 hit though, she was back up to almost $100,000,” Paulie explained.

Without going over every win the player made over these three days of playing, we can layout all of the big wins for you. Between the time of Hasmik’s initial $100 deposit and the first few big slots wins we mentioned above, she then switched to playing Royal Ace Casino’s Triple Toucan slot machine and hit for another $45,000, $27,000, and then culminating in a $270,000 hit during the free spin feature of Triple Toucan on Sunday afternoon; at which point her balance was over the $400,000 mark.

When we spoke to Paulie later that afternoon, he told us, “At this point, Hasmik has just a couple of hundred dollars in her casino account and a withdrawal of $410,000 pending. This is one of the biggest slots wins we have seen to date, and all of us here are very excited for her. It’s not every day we get to congratulate someone on winning almost half a million dollars.”
Paulie went on to say that Royal Ace Casino is looking forward to seeing a lot more wins of this size as the amount of players increase along with the size of each of their slot machines jackpots.

If you would like to speak to Paulie directly, you can reach him by calling Royal Ace Casino’s toll free number, 1-888-288-2944. For more information on Royal Ace Casino, visit their website at www.RoyalAceCasino.com.

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