Sherman Unkefer Plans Historical Network Marketing Opening of Brazil for XanGo

Sherman Unkefer, Operations Chief for the Trust founded by his late wife, announced plans to open large scale operations in Brazil within a year.

Online PR News – 30-October-2010 – – Sherman Unkefer, Operations Chief for the Trust founded by his late wife, announced plans to open large scale operations in Brazil within a year. With over 650,000 distributors already operating in 35 countries, the organization Sherman leads is experienced in the processes necessary to open the doors of a business in foreign countries.

According to Unkefer, Brazil is the third largest nation in the world for the network marketing industry, after the United States and Japan. “The barriers to entry to doing business in Brazil are formidable, but nothing our organization can’t handle”, says Unkefer. “We’ve done it many times before. We have been at work for some time now establishing infrastructure in preparation for the start-up of business operations. We had to retain Brazilian law firms to represent us. Brazil is very particular about conformity to their regulations. We have check-off lists; there are subsidiary corporations that have to be formed, product approval has to be obtained from the authorities, manufacturing operations that need to be planned and organized, warehouses for product that need to be acquired, and we have to establish payment and distribution systems. There is a lot to do, and we are making excellent progress.”

Sherman Unkefer, with a background in Finance and Investment Banking, has been in the network marketing business for 27 years. He says he was involved in no less than three different network marketing companies in the five years prior to joining XanGo. “ I was pretty disappointed with network marketing by the time a medical doctor tried to recruit me for XanGo. I told him No, so he went to my wife and she said Yes.” It was a good decision.

Interest in a Brazilian operation began in Portugal. The two countries have strong ties, a shared cultural history, and the same language. The Trust that Unkefer manages oversees 95% of the XanGo distributors in Portugal, so it is not surprising that it eventually led to much bigger plans for Brazil, which is one of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China), commonly viewed as the economic powerhouses of the near future. XanGo, with a significant international presence already, wants a long-term sustainable operation in Brazil. It is anticipated that this large scale incursion into the Brazilian market will lead to a surge of new business for international XanGo.

According to Unkefer, XanGo is a natural fit with its seamless worldwide compensation plan. Compensation from their downline flows to distributors regardless of their location anywhere in the world. Unkefer says they will have the details worked out and be ready in a year for one of the biggest bashes in network marketing history: The XanGo Brazilian Grand Opening!

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