The Global Challenge “World’s Petitions for 2012”
10/30/2010 just launched its first social campaign called “World’s Petitions for 2012”. It is a Global Challenge for people all around the world to publish their online petition for 2012 for free on

Online PR News – 30-October-2010 – – Due to start in October 2010, this campaign is a worldwide social exercise for empowering the day of December 21st 2012 and contribute to its happenings. is searching for people’s imagination and original ideas, and challenges them into writing an Online Public Petition for 2012. The main goal is to engage solutions and suggestions from as many cultures as possible and act responsibly and rationally, regardless all speculations and predictions.

The challenge is based on the concept of public and collective empowerment and is looking forward to transforming ideas into action using social media and social networks for promoting them. In the next 2 years aims for more than 3 million public petitions for 2012 that will be made public on its website.
Despite all the myths and predictions, people around the world should be able to be informed, think for solutions and act rationally regarding every matter of the prophetic moment.

“World’s Petitions for 2012” aims to become an international resource center regarding 2012 matter and convince people ,regardless their culture and religion, that mind empowerment and creativity is the most important asset they have.

The most powerful, creative and applicable petitions will be published in an e-book and launched online all around the world in November 21st 2012 and will be available online. is a creative online center for sending letters to The Universe, to Planets and to Aliens and personally receiving letters from The Universe, from Planets and from Aliens, and has its main goal in becoming a resource center for counseling and advising people into their development.

Search for on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, follow the blog on the website, and support the campaign! Forward it and Send it to the world!

Empower yourself. Spell your thoughts. Write to The Universe.