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September 13, 2009 — In today’s recession many consumers are turning to family owned or small businesses for many different services.

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I80 Equipment:

September 13, 2009 — In today’s recession many consumers are turning to family owned or small businesses for many different services. Small business and family owned businesses cannot afford to drop the ball, both financially and reputably. Their cliental is much smaller than the larger enterprises. There are many pluses when dealing with small businesses, like actually talking to a human being and not an automated machine that doesn’t understand half the words that come out of your mouth. Also, they have the time to take care of your needs in a timely manner, offering you the best service possible.

Opposed to the larger business and franchises, after you finally get a representative on the phone you may be transferred half a dozen times just to get an answer on what seemed to be a very simple question. This can be very aggravating and makes for not so happy consumers. Although many place their trust within larger companies either because they feel it is simply easier than to switch to another provider or because they have the funds or time to spend more freely. Many Americans in today’s economy do not have time to waste and cash to throw.

The bigger picture is actually getting the service you deserve. After all if there are not customers then there are not any vendors or service providers. Making a customer feel that they have been treated to the up most respect makes for great business and great reputations.

At I80 Equipment, the staff is always friendly and happy, and always is able to handle any questions or concerns you may have. You are never passed around like a hot potato. When you take a look around in any business and see that the employees are happy and knowledgeable about the services they provide. You know that the business relationship will be a good one.

I80 Equipment (the www.i80equipment.com) specializes in boom trucks, derrick diggers, bucket trucks and forestry trucks. They offer rentals to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the equipment before purchasing. As well as guarantees your experience to be the very best it can be.

I80 Equipment offers an integrated website that allows you to search their inventory of bucket trucks. They have pictures and live video of each and every derrick digger in stock. They can also help you attain a different forestry truck if you so need it. For a complete inventory of what they have to offer, log onto http://www.i80equipment.com.

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