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Indiana DUI lawyer Steven Litz recently gave an in-depth interview about the DUI portion of his practice.

Online PR News – 01-November-2010 – – Indiana DUI lawyer Steven Litz recently gave an in-depth interview about the DUI portion of his practice. Mr. Litz discussed his methodology to defending his clients accused of drunk or drugged driving in his home county Morgan, and in nearby Indianapolis.

"Steve was serious, extremely knowledgeable, 100% straightforward, and overall gave me a very comfortable feeling that he's as competent as they come." says Richard Jacobs, markting director of

Steve Litz has been practicing for 26 plus years, and takes a no-nonsense, no sugarcoating manner with his clients. He gave the picture that the majority of his DUI clients are men (approx 75%) and that about half of them are first time DUI offenders.

He is no stranger to dealing with people that DO have problems with alcohol, mentioning one particular case where a client was so intoxicated as to defy death itself, with a BAC of 0.41. Steve noted that a significant percentage of this clients have BAC levels of double the legal limit, and says that "...if someone blows a 0.2 or above, it's likely they have serious issues with alcohol..."

It may be considered old-fashioned, but DUI attorney Litz says that "...first time DUI offenders are typically scared straight by a taste of jail, letting them know the seriousness of their offense..."

"The stakes in Indiana become dramatically higher for 2nd and especially 3rd offenses." notes Steve.

Attorney Litz has extensive training in administering field sobriety tests and has undergone additional training in understanding how breathalyzers, the uptake of alcohol by the human body, and intoxication work in general.

His advice in general for people interacting with police, whether it's a DUI stop or otherwise, is "...some clients help to convict themselves before their case even gets to my desk... the less said to the police, the better..."

Why it's important to hire a DUI lawyer at all is shown by Steve's statement that "'s not smart for someone to represent themselves on a DUI when they're facing such serious potential consequences..."

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