CDROM2GO.COM DVD Cases Go Green - Company announces new “Eco Friendly” DVD Case
09/29/2009 is proud to offer a new series of “Eco-Friendly” DVD cases, a great promotional item which gives you the benefits of other DVD cases, also send a message about how much your company cares for the environment.

Online PR News – 29-September-2009 – – is proud to announce that it has started stocking a new series of “Eco-Friendly” DVD cases. With this new case, customers get all the benefits of a DVD case, but leave a smaller imprint on the environment.

This Eco-Friendly DVD case is roughly the same dimensions as a normal DVD case and holds a single disc securely and safely. The Eco-Friendly DVD case has an outer wrap for full color entrapments as well as inner clips for full color booklets or inserts. What separates this DVD case different from any other DVD cases is that it uses less plastic to make and has unique cutouts. Featured on one side of the Eco-Friendly DVD case, a large cutout recycle symbol, and on the back, cutouts around the disc hub.

Eco-Friendly cases make great promotional items because they not only give you the benefits of other DVD cases, but they also send a message about how much your company cares for the environment. They are excellent for marketing, campaigns, and giveaways. Some examples include using Eco-Friendly cases to distribute your “green” promotions, package discs for retail, or giveaway Eco-Friendly cases as a gift so others can enjoy the eco-friendly design.

Also the Eco-Friendly DVD case is more environmentally safe because it uses a lot less plastic than its DVD case counterparts. Using less plastic not only helps the environment, but it also cuts down on the cost of shipping. The cutouts on both sides of the DVD case make the case weigh less; which makes the overall weight to ship the Eco-Friendly DVD cases cost less. is a full-service provider of custom CD/DVD products, services and supplies. As the Duplication Experts, they provide custom disc printing, duplication equipment, media supplies, and packaging services with some of the fastest turn times in the industry. CDROM2GO also offers printers, printing supplies, disc labels and equipment, and much more!

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