Lock-Kill - Secure any property in seconds!

This brand new device instantly and permanently disables any Kwikset lock. Once this patented key is inserted into the keyway the lock is completely disabled. It can't be picked, bumped or jimmied. It is used mainly for securing properties after an eviction. Lock-Kill is now available for Property Investors, Property Managers and Landlords.

Online PR News – 29-October-2010 – – When a tenant is evicted, there is always the risk that they will return and try to re-enter the property, especially if they have left behind personal belongings. Worse, they may decide to return while the owner or manager is there, potentially putting them at risk of a dangerous confrontation. Hiring a locksmith to change the lock at odd hours can mean waiting around and high costs. There is a need for a quick and easy method of securing a house or apartment.
A brand new product is available for property managers called Lock-Kill from DG3Locksmithing which instantly and permanently disables any Kwikset lock. The only way to open the door after Lock-Kill has been applied is to drill out the lock.
Here's how it is used:
1. After tenant is evicted, all doors are locked.
2. In each door a Lock-Kill device is inserted and the end is snapped off.
3. The locks are now 100% disabled and the building is secure.
The property manager now has time to arrange for the lock to be replaced. Since replacing the lock is much less expensive then an after-hours service call, Lock-Kill is cost effective. Its safer for the property manager because the property manager or landlord spends less time at the property avoiding a confrontation with the evicted tenant.
The manufacturer claims that Lock-Kill is 100% safe - since a disabled lock can always be unlocked from the inside. They reserve the right to refuse to sell this product to anyone who cannot prove their profession justifies the purchase of this product.
Kill-Lock has a US Patent Pending.
Lock-Kill is exclusively available from: http://www.DG3Locksmithing.com