Keystone Mudlogging, LLC. Proposes Exploration Investments in the Marcellus Shale

Keystone Mudlogging, LLC. presents an exploration investment and that means Qualified Investors can get into the services side of a Marcellus investment through the purchase of Keystone Mudlogging, LLC. noted for Mud Logging services in the Marcellus Shale.

Online PR News – 29-October-2010 – – Conneaut Lake, PA - Qualified investors searching for an exploration investment are may want to take a look at Keystone Mud Logging, LLC.. Keystone Mud Logging, LLC. has a strong reputation for delivering mud logging services in the Marcellus Shale. Leading their industry in service and quality makes a huge difference to their clients. The company is a noted Mud Logging Services firm and well respected for Marcellus Shale Mud Logging. Mudlogging in the Marcellus depends on the continued development of the natural gas play, possibly one of the largest in the world. Keystone Mudlogging, LLC. is also known for its Marcellus Shale experience. For additional information Qualified Investors are invited to visit the information web site at

Mud Logging companies thrive on their reputation and experience in mud logging. The Marcellus is a vast play across multiple states and many counties, the number of wells is yet to be determined. Using some of the same horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing methods that had previously been applied in the Barnett Shale of Texas, perhaps 10% of that gas (50 trillion cubic feet) might be recoverable. Every well drilled requires mud logging to identify the formations being drilled and to analyze the stratigraphy. Keystone Mudlogging, LLC. has been active in the area for years. The Pennsylvania Geological Survey suggests that the areas with the greatest production potential might be where the net thickness of organic-rich shale within the Marcellus Formation is greatest, Northeastern Pennsylvania. These great depths make the Marcellus Formation a very expensive target making it critical to get professional mudlogging services. Mudlogging requires experience and solid technology to deliver the timely information drillers and engineers need to guide their project. Keystone Mud Logging, LLC. is a recognized leader in the Marcellus Shale.

About Keystone Mudlogging, LLC.
Keystone Mudlogging, LLC was established 1983 and qwned and operated for 27 years by the same management busilding a solid reputation for success Mudlogging in Appalachian Basin. The comapny is a clean business ready to operate having passed an IRS Audit in 2005 with zero discrepancies. This low risk company has potential to grow with two Mudlogging trailers and two heavy duty trucks with equipment. Company is computerized and uses Wellsight software out of Alberta, Canada. A client list available as are financial records to serious inquiries. Keystone Mudlogging, LLC. proposes exploration investments in the Marcellus Shale.

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