Cruzeiro Safaris Adds to its Customers Ideal Travel Itinerary to Mount Kenya and Masai Mara

Holidays are simply not complete without experiencing something good that creates an outstanding feeling in oneself.

Online PR News – 28-September-2016 – Nairobi, Kenya – Rolling out their most new Safari itinerary to the Mount Kenya and Masai Masa, Cruzeiro Safaris Sales and Marketing Director is Optimistic that this is the only optimal Kenya Safari package to be offered to anyone coming into Kenya. With carefully selected accommodation places and flights to the Masai Mara it will give their guests a lot of time to indulge in nature and wildlife, which is of course what every safari traveler wants to experience – that outstanding feeling!

Activities: Game viewing drives, Forest experience, chimp sanctuary, balloon flight views, night game viewing drives, walking safari, coffee demonstration, conservancy experience.
Where to Go - each National Park in Kenya is different. Its acknowledge that it is impossible to capture the spirit and culture of an entire country in one paragraph, but below is a brief overview of some popular National Park destinations in Kenya to get you started. The best and most popular areas in Kenya for safaris are Mount Kenya and Masai Mara which offer vast plains and roaming packs of extraordinary beasts. However the nearest Nairobi National Park within the city of Nairobi is also very popular to travelers who want short trips or travelers on transit through Nairobi Airport.

The combined safari of Mount Kenya and Masai Mara offers the best kept secrets of any African Safari. The Mount Kenya region is very beautiful and offers different landscapes such as mountain forests, riverines, moorlands, spectacular waterfalls, rich Kenyan history of the Mau Mau caves, Queen Elizabeth historical moments, Chimpanzee sanctuary and Mount Kenya views. The Masai Mara Region has its vast plains laid with wildlife. On her recent visit to the Masai mara the Sales and Marketing Director Ms. Claudia Kabui did visit the Naibosho Conservancy which she said, "This is the only place to be in masai Mara." She said there were lots of wild animals concentration than over the main mara plains at that period. Also, with a 180 degree view from the Eagle view camps balcony one can view wildlife coming to the water point and salt lick. This conservancy has its own rules and regulation for example only 4x4 (four) wheel drives are allowed to operate and they must be jungle green in colour. The most popular places to stay here are the Eagle view Camp and Wilderness Camp both of which are owned by Base Camps in Masai Mara.

Obviously it's recommended to visit both reserves as each has its unique features. On their safari itinerary rolled out the first 2 days are spent in the Aberdares and Mount Kenya regions, then one flies to the Masai Mara and stays at Base Camp for 2 night with an option Balloon ride, then one is transferred to the Eagle view camp for 3 nights with an option of night game drive and walking safaris. Since all these camps have few rooms, demand is usually very very high and travelers are recommended to reserve and pay early to avoid disappointment with room’s availability or accommodation availability and flights availability.

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Due to the small number of people in staying in each place food is very special and often fresh. Kenyan stews are ravished with spices making different tastes in another culture. One interesting dish is the breakfast at the Eagle view camp know as 'granola' a mixture of cereals, nuts, oats, honey, dry fruits and other ingredients made fresh from the camps kitchen. In Mount Kenya one will mostly experience the 'irio' which is a mixture of maize (corn), beans, potatoes, pumpkin leaves mashed together eaten with Beef or lamb stews. A warm welcome to the African cultural food

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