Internet Marketing Firm Discusses How Online Businesses Can Prepare for the Upcoming Holiday Season

New York Internet marketing expert says that although Christmas may seem like a world away, savvy business owners know that now is the time to prepare for the holiday shopping season.

Online PR News – 29-October-2010 – New York, New York – “It is important for companies that do a lot of business online to be well prepared for the holiday season,” says Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc., a leading Manhattan web development and Internet marketing firm with clients from around the world. “This is particularly true when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) and, since it takes some time for SEO strategies to have an impact on traffic and sales, now is the time to get started.”

According to Crisafi, the holidays are an important time for sales because of the demand for products and services is on the rise around that time and competition becomes particularly fierce. Although consumer spending jumps during the holiday season, he notes that it can be more difficult for less established businesses to keep up with competitors.

“However, with the current economic climate, an increasing number of customers will be willing to shop around for a good deal this holiday season, which creates valuable opportunities for online retailers,” says Crisafi. “This is an important time to seize these opportunities and the best way to do so is through SEO.”

Crisafi says that, in preparation for the holiday season, businesses should focus on keywords.

“By now, most businesses have identified this year’s ‘must have’ product or service,” explains Crisafi. “The keywords associated with this product are what the business should focus on. Businesses can help their cause by creating ‘linkbait’ blog posts related to the product or service and by developing internal linking strategies using the name of that product or service as the anchor text.”

Crisafi warns that, regardless of the time of year, online retailers should avoid using the manufacturers’ standard product descriptions on their website. Instead, businesses should concentrate on writing carefully constructed product descriptions that hit all the relevant keywords.

“Also in preparation of the holiday season, businesses would be wise to undertake an all-out blitz on all of their social media networks,” says Crisafi. “Social media is an increasingly important aspect of any marketing campaign, which is why, particularly when it comes to holiday SEO, businesses need to think about ways that they can use tools like Twitter and Facebook to drive traffic and boost conversions.”

Christmas is a big deal for online retailers, according to Crisafi who says that, if a business is to make the most of the increased earning potential that the holiday season brings, it must act now.

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