Chiropractic Online Marketing Expert, Dr. Matthew Loop, Leads Web 2.0 / Social Media Charge

Dr. Loop has developed Social Media Elite, which contains proven techniques to gain much desired popularity amongst the massive consumer market available in abundance on the internet.

Online PR News – 10-April-2009 – – Dr. Matthew Loop, owner and founder of extends great pleasure in publishing this press release inviting one and all to learn his proven strategies and what he has been doing for past several years. By learning these methods, you will not only have the potential to mine a hefty cash flow in your practice or business, but also be learning widely acclaimed marketing tactics never shown before.

Showing chiropractors how to get New Patients without spending any money on advertising while create multiple sources of income from the internet is what is all about.

It's a real no-advertising-expense based marketing approach done by Dr. Loop, a Chiropractor who gets people every month walking through his door thanks to Web 2.0 and social media! This is a good outcome to his approach since his site is being hit by thousands of monthly visitors who have been browsing around the web 2.0 social media sites.

As per Dr. Loop himself, “the conversion rates where huge at first, to my surprise. I was getting tons of intrigued visitors who looked at my website which reveals some of my methods, and that very same day, my mailbox had 25 emails asking me for assistance from other chiropractors.""Life's never been the same ever since! I knew social media could be a very powerful branding and marketing tool, it just had to be harnessed correctly.”

What it takes to really own the power of social media today is something you may have heard of before on forums, blogs and even by experts. At the moment, there is a good opportunity to learn how Dr. Loop did it successfully to dominate the marketing arenas of YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, and many others. The paid advertsing that other services are offering don’t match what you yourself with this course.

“This is unheard of in the chiropractic practice”, started Dr. Loop in his interview. “Most fellow chiropractors usually spend anything between $1,000 and $2,000 per month for their chiropractic marketing campaigns and get sloppy results.""Many of my fellow chiropractors that aren’t using this social media blueprint are barely get a few new patients per month with their ad campaigns. I usually get 4-5 times more.""What does, is shows chiropractors and entrepreneurs the secrets of getting a huge amount of traffic to your website and can build a nice stable residual income.""Forget about pricey, outdated ways of marketing like phone books, they’re useless. We are in the new Web 2.0 age, and marketing should follow this trend”.

Getting a bit on the technical part, Dr. Loop pointed out that Facebook, Youtube and Myspace are among the top 10 most visited sites in the world, according to Thus, for the last four years, he has based his ##--2--## campaigns on sties like this to bring large amounts of patients to his chiropractic office.

“Capitalizing on the huge number of people who frequently visit these sites is the way to go”, continued Dr. Loop, “and my complete ##--3--## system, strategy and tactics are going to show you what to do, lead you step by step, by the hand and get the best leads from the social media revolution that is occurring in 2009.""Want proof? Barack Obama won the presidency, in large part, because of the massive exposure on sites such as Youtube. If you’re not capitalizing, you’re missing out, and the competition will.”

The system is simple and straightforward if you are open to learning new things. No solid knowledge in marketing is required: if you can upload a video on YouTube then you have all the skills it takes to duplicate Dr. Loop’s success. All it takes is a computer with internet access. And no, it doesn’t only work for chiropractors, Dr Loop’s chiropractor marketing techniques can be used in any field: whether you are selling internet domains or baby Chihuahua stuffed animals, this marketing plan can work miracles for your business.

Dr. Loop’s widely acclaimed Social Media Elite program will discuss in detail techniques like Facebook social ads, advertising on your profile page, creating and managing social groups, adding a Facebook page for your website, using Facebook applications or measuring the video popularity. Also, you will learn, on step by step tutorials, how to socialize on these social media sites towards leveraging your services and how to build a huge group of fans and a celebrity-like following.

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