True Point Health Chiropractic and Alternative Medicine Center Introduces Holistic Care to Dothan Are

True Point Health Chiropractic and Alternative Medicine Center brings to the citizens of Dothan and neighboring communities a proven, holistic health care approach that emphasizes the recuperative power of the body.

Online PR News – 29-October-2010 – – People today have been placing their trust to recover from injury and illness on traditional medicine. Unfortunately, that sometimes requires invasive procedures and ultimately involves some form of pharmaceutical. Many seem to be convinced that the only way to approach health care is to pay a visit to a medical doctor. Of course, even when they practice restraint, doctors end up writing a prescription and that means some form of accompanying pharmaceutical must be taken. It is par for the course and no one thinks otherwise. Chiropractor Doctor Shawn C. Rice and his wife, Reiki Master Teacher and herbalist, Beth Spencer Rice have partnered to offer Dothan area residents an alternative to traditional medicine, one that includes gentle family chiropractic care and Reiki, to help the body achieve its best possible state of health.

Today, people expect speed of delivery for practically everything in their lives, so it comes as no surprise that even with matters of health, people expect that something quick can be done when things don't seem right. Many insist that there must be a pill for whatever it is that ails them. Society has been conditioned by the notion that faster is better and gratification should be instant. So for everything that is undesirable, people expect that there is a way to make it disappear, and for the right price, they could buy their way out of a fit.

Unfortunately, people seem to forget that things are never as they seem. A person struggling with chronic migraines could receive a prescription for some extra strength pharmaceutical products that when taken seem to diminish the pain. Sadly, when the pain reappears in a few days, people go back to the pill, starting a vicious cycle of pain and pill which goes on until something, somehow changes. The difficultly with this approach is that the symptom is being addressed; however, the root cause is left untouched. Predictably, the person goes back to the pharmaceutical product to alleviate the pain. This approach masks the real problem, and does not address the underlying cause.

Surely there must be a better way, one that takes a holistic approach to resolving pain and chronic illness without having to turn to medical procedures or pharmaceuticals. True Point Health Chiropractic and Alternative Medicine Center employs a holistic approach to assess a patient and following that, designs a treatment to get to the underlying imbalances that causes health issues. Doctor Shawn Rice and his wife, Beth Rice, believe in approaching an individual’s health assessment from multiple interrelated fronts that deal with structure, energy and nutrition. They work on the spine and nervous system, the body’s energy pathways and the nutritional requirements of a healthy body.

Prospective patients who would like to try an alternative to medical procedures and pharmaceuticals are encouraged to contact the True Point Health Chiropractic and Alternative Medicine Center. Doctor Shawn Rice and Beth Rice have over 16 years of experience, and are willing to assist with after hour appointments, emergency appointments and are open for Saturday appointments as well. Individuals seeking chiropractors in Dothan will find the teamwork of Dr Shawn Rice and Beth Rice synergistic and highly effective. "We can help identify the possible causes of a wide array of ailments, and more importantly, we can address those issues without the subjecting the patient to oftentimes unnecessary invasive procedures and pharmaceuticals," notes Dr. Rice, the man behind the True Point Health Chiropractic and Alternative Medicine Center. Prospective patients looking for a good Dothan chiropractor can call 1-888-219-4754 to set up a consultation and receive a 20% discount towards their first visit.

The True Point Health Chiropractic and Alternative Medicine Center has the expertise to properly assess the root cause of your ailment, and we can design a healing approach without having to resort to medical procedures and pharmaceuticals. Our patients benefit from our 16 years of experience, during which we have advocated for a holistic approach to ensuring the individual’s health and wellbeing. We are active participants in the development of our community, and we participate in the Exchange Club for Abused Children to help raise public awareness of the problem of child abuse.

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