HealthTec Software, Inc. Releases Medical Billing Software to Implement Six Vital Segments

HealthTec Software, Inc. releases the new Medical Billing Software in the aim of implementing the so called “six vital segments of reporting to assure that the challenges in practice are met.

Online PR News – 29-October-2010 – – Medical Billing Software from HealthTec is software that is designed to address different challenges faced by practitioners including financial health evaluation of any practice and this program serves as a starting point from which the current business status as well as potential business opportunities is measured. The reports included in the Medical Billing Software include: Service Analysis, Capitation Analysis, Fee Schedule and Plan Analysis, expense Analysis, Payer Mix Analysis, and Reimbursement Analysis.

Submitting claims too Insurance companies or to the United States Government is also another practice of Medical Billing Software. This is to assure that payment for services provided to a patient by a doctor is received.

Medical Billing Software has also made custom reporting available which allows users to gain access to system-wide information for further practice analysis. This custom reporting in Medical Billing Software also allows reporting on complex and multi-table relationships and it also allows reporting to screen and printer and the user could even report using email and PDF files.

Medical Billing Software also aims to include other reports that are information critical to proper analysis of practice such as the insurance carrier’s average days-to-pay, identification of breach of contract in practice, providing comparisons through the use of the relative unit value scale, proposed insurance plan participation analysis compared to historical data and a lot more.

Up to 9,999 insurance plans with any mix of capitated and fee-for service plans are allowed for use by Medical Billing Software. Medical Billing Software can also be grouped by Payer Class where in any relative value scale along with conversion factors per code can be incorporated in each fee schedule. The code categories in Medical Billing Software are user-definable such as in Medicine, Evaluation and Management, Radiology, Surgery, Anesthesia, and a lot more. Ultimate flexibility as well as efficiency in fee schedules maintenance and analysis are what the Medical Billing Software features provide.

HealthTec Software which started in 1986 is a company that provides easy to use software for medical and dental practitioners at reasonable prices. The company has created a system used in medical practice management called FoxMed as well as a system used in dental practice management called FoxDent.

HealthTec Systems, Inc is a worldwide leader in providing Medical Billing Software. For more information, visit or call 210-545-1010 for questions or comments.

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