Envido Thinkpiece: Broadband for Climate Change

The creation of high-speed broadband networks across the world could help in the fight against climate change, reports Envido.

Online PR News – 28-September-2009 – – Plans to roll out high-speed broadband services across the globe could be as beneficial for the environment as they are for homes and businesses. The internet offers firms a chance to replace physical goods with virtualised alternatives and mitigate their climate change impacts.

This would cut the production of certain products and reduce the carbon emissions usually created during such processes. High-speed broadband- in particular fibre-optic cables- has huge potential to support a low-carbon economy- from digital downloads replacing DVDs and CDs, to video-conferencing replacing long flights for face-to-face meetings.

Russell Lerman, co-Managing Director at Envido comments, "The build-out of high-speed broadband networks becomes a means to fight climate change and an issue at the heart of the low-carbon cleantech industry".