New UK landfill targets needed to reduce GHG emissions

Waste industry research predicts the UK will miss EU landfill targets to reduce GHG emissions, reports Envido.

Online PR News – 28-September-2009 – – Businesses and households will have curb waste levels if the UK is to have a chance of meeting EU landfill targets and avoid fines, according to research from the waste industry published today.

The UK must reduce its GHG emissions from waste by reducing the amount of biodegradable waste going to landfill sites by 25 per cent on 1995 levels by 2010. However, according research from the waste industry, two-thirds said the UK will miss the medium and long-term targets to curb GHG emissions from waste.

The survey also revealed that the private sector will have to lead the way to reduce GHG emissions from waste by reducing the waste produced and investing in alternatives to landfill. The pessimism over the targets is seen as a consequence of the government's failure to deliver a coherent strategy to reduce GHG emissions from waste. Three-quarters of respondents identify planning issues as the main barrier to the construction of biomass plants.

Ifti Akbar, co-Managing Director at Envido said, “Our waste to energy policy ought to be better focused. Unfortunately, the government has not reached consensus about how to encourage the use of waste biomass."

The UK will face a fine thought to be around £180m if it does not meet the requirements to reduce GHG emissions from waste; this fine would rise to an estimated £500m if the 2013 and 2020 targets are also missed.

Local governments that have increased investment in tackling waste, according to the report, have proved successful at reducing waste levels. Councils in London, have established waste to energy plants to power vehicles and provide electricity under their own funding.