Supports Eco-Friendly Data Organization with Paperless File Cabinet

Document management and emergency preparedness system housed on password-protected USB pocket device eliminates over 6,000 sheets of paper.

Online PR News – 29-October-2010 – – Los Angeles, CA -- As environmentalism and ‘going green’ have become more of a lifestyle choice than a passing trend, more and more PC users continue to look for easy tools to maintain life’s records. Whether its seniors scaling back their life, strapped Baby Boomers saddled with the dual challenge of taking care of parents and their own families or just anyone trying to find time to sort through a lifetime of valuable paperwork, the best of organizing intentions are often turned into a jumbled mess.

Adding to this, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency states 85 million tons of paper and paperboard are used each year. But no matter how technologically advanced society gets it is still easier to throw things in a box, until now.

Developed by Life Link International, LLC, Life Link Safe, also known at “The SAFE”, is an eco-friendly, single source personal data organizer & document management system built into a military-grade encrypted, password-protected pocket USB.

But what really separates The SAFE from all other data organizers is the amount of time and money that is saved, beginning with pre-loaded formatted forms with easy to type-in fields:

1. Each page is designed to help the user decide what to save and where to save it.

2. Easy-to-navigate sections with links to any form or file for quick access.

3. Every form can be easily modified or updated; lists, scanned documents and photographs are automatically alphabetized or placed in numeric order; plus designated space is provided for uploading/ downloading photographs, hundreds of important documents and papers requiring safekeeping.

4. Includes data encryption anti-intrusion safeguards and will shut down after three failed attempts to break the 12- character password created by the user, giving sensitive data added protection. (Life Link does not keep records of passwords nor is able to retrieve any user information stored on The SAFE)

5. The SAFE is protected by an environmentally acceptable leather- bound exterior, so users’ valuable data will still be guarded should it come under physical duress.

Going green is easy with The SAFE as it requires no battery power or external power source, making it a convenient information storage tool. Also, The SAFE has no moving parts that wear out! If your computer memory fails or crashes, all the information stored on The SAFE is still accessible and can be used on most PCs with a USB port. Best of all, this extraordinary device gives the peace-of-mind and security all users need.

To learn more about the extensive time-saving features found in Life Link Safe, please visit:

About The SAFE:

A combination document management, data storage and emergency preparedness device The SAFE is housed on a first-tier 2g USB 2.0 flash drive that connects through a USB port to any PC that runs most Microsoft platforms. Drivers are required for Windows 98/ 95. There are no annual fees or special software required, nor memberships to join and most importantly this private USB safe cannot be accessed through the internet.

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