Natural Gas Pricing Alert Issued by Energy Solutions, Inc.

Today's natural gas market is very different from the one two years ago. In fact, natural gas prices could be entering an entirely new pricing regime for 2011 and 2012.

Online PR News – 28-October-2010 – – Natural Gas Pricing Alert Issued by Energy Solutions, Inc.

Natural gas prices continue to decline. Storage inventories are at near-record levels, natural gas demand is down due to economic weakness, and production levels continue to climb because of prolific shale supplies. Analysts have continued to warn of production cuts because of low price levels, but those reductions are not showing up. Why? “Because the natural gas market has entered an entirely new pricing regime,” says Valerie Wood, President of Energy Solutions, Inc.

“Typically, our company issues a Pricing Alert when natural gas buying opportunities surface. However, our most recent Natural Gas Pricing Alert specifically addresses caution for active buyers because the natural gas market is at eight-year lows,” says Wood. “That’s not to say that companies should not be actively purchasing natural gas now for their future needs, but in doing so, they need to make sure they know why they are taking those actions.” Natural Gas Pricing Alerts are a valuable component of The Advisor, an informative natural gas publication.

Wood warns that while today’s natural gas prices look like a bargain in comparison to history, history may not be relevant because of prolific, liquid-rich shale production. “Companies that have an established budget and require price stability need to be active buyers in today’s market,” says Wood. “However, buyers still need to be aware of the many unknowns over how the value of natural gas may be viewed in 2011 and 2012.” Natural Gas Price Outlook 2011 provides specific insight into how to prepare for the future.

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