ScrapeboxUnderground launches Scrapebox Tutorials to help online businesses increase traffic to their

Attracting website traffic needs a smart and intelligent methodology for revenue generation. Though there are many packages available online that promise an increased ROI and a boost in sales, ScrapeboxUnderground’s Scrapebox Tutorials are not only strategically planned but also client optimized.

Online PR News – 28-October-2010 – – The Scrapebox Master Guide is the key to dominate Search Engine Rankings using tried and tested methods to transform website into money making machines. Using legitimate methods, the guide teaches customers the basic and important components to help their site attract targeted user traffic through their easy-to-understand and user friendly Scrapebox Tutorials. Some of the benefits of using this product include, but are not limited to an increase conversion rate, masking and eliminating automated procedures by diversifying the online footprint, increasing website ranking on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) to outshine potential competitors through a carefully planned and well executed strategy.

"Scrapebox is much more than a simple harvesting and commenting tool,” says Julius Menham, adding that” We combine our existing material with new age and the latest techniques to help our members succeed in their online marketing efforts.” Members are given access to exclusive mini-reports and comprehensive video reviews apart from the Scrapebox Master Guide. Less effort, better results, bigger returns, enhanced financial stability is what Scrapebox promises its members. The guide tells people how to use the wide array of options, switches and settings that come with the product to help them make simple and fine adjustments when required. These minor adjustments guarantee optimal workflow for higher traffic, which in turn translates into more money and increased customer satisfaction.

The Scrapebox Master Guide has modules that talk about the planning and execution, optimization and tuning of Scrapebox. Advanced features that members have access to include commenting, URL structures and Footprints along with high-quality backlinking that includes 30k+ backlinks without a single comment and minimal effort along with the ping mode functionality. “Scrapebox is a versatile and very dynamic product that has been designed to incorporate every single aspect that helps generate website traffic that is targeted,” says Vince Vaughn, adding that ”beating the competition and increasing their profits is what our clients need and that is exactly what they get when they use our products.”
Currently priced at $67.99 for the next 100 buyers who use their credit card, ScrapeboxUnderground helps you reduce the time and efforts directed towards Search Engine Optimization (SEO) while ensuring above average results.