Dioo Audio Brings Fashion and Style to Earphones and Headphones


Online PR News – 16-September-2016 – Los Angeles, California – Doris Bergman’s 7th Annual Emmy® Style Lounge was the perfect Hollywood backdrop for Dioo Audio to make it worldwide debut. With over 10 years of engineering and fabrication experience, this new audio accessory company has produced millions of headphones and are now applying its expertise to build its own brand of premium audio accessories. Dioo Audio employs the Zen philosophy of design, engineering, manufacturing and brings together creative teams from the USA, Japan, and China. From its research, Dioo Audio has identified that the vast headphone market has underserved the female buyer and will fill the void by creating a smart, stylish and sexy line up of high-fidelity audio products that will appeal to a woman’s discerning taste.

The first two products in the Dioo Audio line-up are Premium Luxury Earphones and Flagship Headphones.

The PICKinTS06Premium Luxury Earphones are the perfect fusion of visual beauty and audio pleasure. This luxurious earphone offers the perfect balance of beauty and technology, starting with jewelry-grade milling of a solid single chunk of aircraft-grade aluminum that is placed on a CNC Lathe and artistically crafted to look like a guitar pick! Using a cutting-edge acoustical design coupled with a deep understanding and appreciation for music reproduction, Dioo Audio has custom-tuned a perfect sound quality with highly dimensional projection. Wearing these earphones is an amazingly pure aural experience. The audio specifications are class leading with a frequency response of 8-24,000hz. The PICKin TS06 also features full convenience control of your music playback and built in microphone for managing your phone calls via the handy MIC3 control panel. Compatible with iOS and Android Phones, the Dioo Audio PICKin TS06 comes in 3 fashion forward colors: Sesame White, Midnight Sea and Pastel Pink. Retail price is approximately $40. Pre-sale begins today at: http://http://www.amazon.com.

The PICKov TS816BFlagship Headphones are the ultimate statement in performance and beauty. These amazing headphones are both wired and BT wireless for the best of both worlds, offering unparalleled quality and convenience. These luxurious headphones begin with a single piece of aircraft-grade aluminum that is placed on a CNC Lathe and artistically crafted to look like a guitar pick! Employing the utmost skill in audio engineering, independent acoustical chambers are fitted with outstanding 40MM super rigid and ultra-thin PEEK Polymer composite diaphragms along with high performance Neodymium rare earth element magnets. This cutting-edge acoustical technology is equally matched by extreme comfort and fit. Permeable-Air Cushions allow for hours of enjoyment with no “ear-fatigue.” A built-in ultra-sensitive microphone and three button control using MIC3 touch panel, will allow users to control music playback as well as manage their phone calls. The PICKov TS816B, compatible with iOS and Android phones, has an amazing 30-hour playback battery time and the sound specification is equally impressive -- 5-28,000hz. The Dioo Audio PICKov TS816B comes in 2 fashion forward colors: Sesame White and Midnight Sea. Retail price is approximately $150. Pre-sale begins today at http://http://www.amazon.com.

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