Adrac Ltd: How To Protect Your Business Against Supplier Actions

As Google customer service forums resound with queries about Quality Scores and AdWords, Adrac Ltd takes a look at the potential fallout and how keyword investment can best be protected.

Online PR News – 28-October-2010 – – As Google customer service forums resound with queries about Quality Scores and AdWords, Adrac Ltd takes a look at the potential fallout and how keyword investment can best be protected.

Without warning, it would seem judging by the first flush of anger, Google has tweaked something in its Quality Scoring and AdWords systems that has had a negative effect on many Quality Scores.

This score, which is somewhat shrouded in mystery as nobody is quite sure what its magic formula is, is directly related to the cost of an internet advertising campaign. Combined with the bid price of a keyword, the QS is what sets the cost per click (CPC).

The higher your QS, the lower your CPC. Many companies and their paid account managers have sweated for years to position themselves with the highest scores possible. These campaigns have demonstrated consistent attention to detail, with accurate URLs and descriptions and good landing page content and that extra "je ne sais quoi" that has helped them maximise their potential.

Google's help forums show that some customers have seen their scores cut in half or worse, and they do not understand why. Initial confusion revealed some users assumed that it was them who had made the mistake. Later posts reveal the more savvy AdWords user realised quickly that this was a provider issue.

It happens. Google is a progressive company and Adrac Ltd has observed very regular testing of different ideas on the live search engine, some of which have helped customers yield better returns on their investments.

It's unfortunate that this time, with a flailing economy, massive job losses and spending cuts, now Google has experimented on its UK market, at our expense.
Adrac Ltd has a lot of time for Google, it's an amazing tool and we love working with it. Neither do we think this something they have done to be "evil" to the UK while the US sleeps.

It raises the issue for internet marketing customers of what happens when a supplier lets you down. In an economic recession, it is the brave company that continues to fight the corner for its marketing budget - advertising is one of the first areas firms cut back on. The canny ones know that their reputation depends on their willingness to and ability to shout about themselves: "Recession, what recession?"
If a provider, like Google, changes the rules overnight, it nixes marketing strategies, budgets and profits. There's no doubt about it. What do you do if someone lets you down - if your phone line fails, if your electricity is always shutting off for no reason? You change provider.

Ah, but this is Google, with an estimated 92% market share for internet advertising. You would require very sound reasoning not to take advantage of their power and reach.
It's simple business sense, and possibly something that your grandmother advised you on: don't put all your eggs into one basket. Adrac recommends using other providers. Smaller search engines and directories - and, more recently, even social media sites like Facebook offer PPC - can, with the right management, give a very good return on investment.

Pricing structures and payment packages, for example, are sometimes very different and can work out better for SMEs who might be on a tighter budget than their large, corporate counterparts.

Kym Kinlin, technical director of Searchers search engine, commented: "An advertising platform like Tundra, which powers the display adverts on Searchers, is cost-effective enough to enable customers to spread their marketing budgets across multiple channels."

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