Stronger Partnerships Sealed By CardProcessing

Card processing providers have exponentially increased over the years with the innovations in the credit card industry. Credit cards are no longer for giant corporate accounts.

Online PR News – 28-October-2010 – – Card processing providers have exponentially increased over the years with the innovations in the credit card industry. Credit cards are no longer for giant corporate accounts. Small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) are now given an opportunity to accept credit card/debit card payments with the latest technologies in equipment and merchant account set ups.

This latest development has decongested the services of the banking industry in general and made it possible for small businesses to expand its consumer base. The rising market leader in card processing, Card has varied options for small businesses to improve signficantly their business outlook, by the expanded consumers they will be able to cater to. The partnership that CardProcessing has sealed with Verifone and Elavon and its strong financially-backed portfolio, it has gained an edge in negotiating for rates which were previously enjoyed by big businesses.

Merchant Acquiring Services
With the backing of Elavon, one of the world's largest merchant acquiring banks, CardProcessing prides itself of the lowest card processing rates which used to be a privilege enjoyed by large businesses. This partnership with Elavon allows CardProcessing to maintain prices for the duration of the contract. Furthermore, CardProcessing has the capability to put up merchant accounts for small businesses to acquire credit card/debit card payment facilities.

Elavon provides merchant acquiring services delivering best solutions to their merchant customers. It has provided integrated payment processing to more than a million merchants with the stable relationships built with merchant service providers, financial institutions and other conduit partners. The strength of Elavon as a global merchant acquiring service provider backs up CardProcessing that makes the company financially strong.

New PDQ Machines
pdq machines are the equipment generally used by business accepting credit card/debit card payments. With the recent partnership with Verifone, card processing terminals are secured and safe to accept payments. Verifone backs the company's card processing terminals and the card machines to choose from. CardProcessing provides its business-members with one of the pdq machines suited to their business needs - countertop, GPRS and portable. These are the latest models in card machines created by Verifone.

How To Join CardProcessing
It is easy to get started with CardProcessing. Accomplish the registration form found in and submit. CardProcessing has expert sales representatives whom you can discuss with regarding your business needs. They will assist you in every step and even give you educated advises customized to your needs. Paperworks will be done by the sales representatives on your behalf, until completed. Every information will be given to you while your application is being processed.

Upon completion of the registration, CardProcessing will create a merchant account for your business. However, you would need to keep your business bank account should your customers prefer to transfer payments to your bank. In case you don't have, CardProcessing will assist you to get one. Furthermore, CardProcessing will provide you with the equipment suited for your business to enable you to accept card payments. The pdq machine is in chip and pin terminals, very adaptable to your business. These terminals will be explained to you by the sales representatives.

With these developments, has slowly built a reputation in the card processing and credit card services provider.